Wednesday, April 06, 2016

New directions and thoughts

   I am thinking seriously of closing my website. I had a purpose for it when I first decided to have one, but I don't anymore.  I once took time to keep it current, but I don't anymore.  And now I don't want to go back through my images of  work;  most of which has been sold nor  take time  away from creating to update something I no longer find useful. 
     What is the alternative?  I am thinking I could add pages to my blog and get the same benefit which is directing interested persons to those pages it to see what classes I offer. Or what my current work looks like.  Not that I plan to offer classes for long.   The body is getting older and 2017 will be the last year I plan to get on a plane to go teach out of the State of Florida.  I think I said that to myself in 2015 about 2016 if I remember correctly.
   I am thinking about opening an online store  mail order kits for two or three of my smaller  painted flower patterns. The kits would contained everything one needs to get started.   I got a really  good response for the kits I took to sell in Venice on a whim.  Could have sold several time over the number that I took had I only known.  Not sure what else I will have in the store but I should have it all worked out by next month.
     Last week I had an inquiry from one quilter I met at the Venice show.  She is back home in PA.  Got there in time for the snow that fell in her area last week.  I don't think she was too pleased about that.  She said she wanted a kit at the show but I was sold out and wanted to know if I would make up a kit for her.  "Sure",  I said.   The shipping and handling is costing her just a little more than if she had gotten the kit  at the show and paid the Florida sales tax.

Since I was in the process of making kits for a class I will be teaching in Virginia in a week or so, it was no added effort on my part short of me driving to the Post Office this morning.
     Still working on the piece that has been under the needle for what seems like forever.  I am better at starting something, sticking to it tell it is done.  This piece has had too many interruptions.  I am planning to get it done before I leave on the 16th.  Take it with me and do the facing and sleeves while I am away, Maybe.  The maybe was about the sleeves not the facing.

Do you have a catch all bin for threads and stuff  that doesn't get replaced until a project is finished. 
 I do