Saturday, August 19, 2017

Having fun

piecing on my Feather weight..
It is relaxing sewing slow. 

Since I began several months  ago working with Mariner's compasses I have reconfigured this piece several time, even taking it apart when it was almost completed  and made way more M-compass circles than I had initially thought I would.  The first image is of it is  when I thought using black and white would be a good thing.  But half way through I thought not so good.

So I did a lot of un-sewing and left it on the wall while the G-kids where here and redrew the cartoon.  Moved the circles around and made more M-compasses.  Got back to it piecing all the circles into the background  last week but not steady at it because I have now caught the same knitting bug I had last winter and I am knitting baby caps at the rate of one a day for the local hospital's nursery .  Most of them are in an unisex ecru color cotton yarn but  I am also knitting some in red to get a jump start on making the requested red ones for February heart month.

Here is what my piece looks like currently.

I am down 21 pounds with lots more to go and  still walking on my treadmill.  I am doing 4  to 5 miles a day now but want to walk 5 every day.

Physically I could do it all at once but mentally no matter what I do to entertain myself, books on cd, music or the  TV,  I get bored at 2 miles and have to really kick myself mentally to walk for 3, so the thought of doing 5 miles straight .  So I do it in two sessions, one mid-day and the other at bedtime.   2-1/2 x 2 gets me to 5.  I was about to type, no sweat but that would be a lie.  I sweat oh boy do I sweat.