Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am now back in business

New wireless keyboard is now in use.  Now if only I had something to blog about.  Will be back when I do.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Back to quilts

Took my head out of my Nook long enough to drive a half hour up I-4 to Deltona to have lunch at the home of a new fiber art acquaintance last Wednesday.  She called to invite me to lunch so that I could meet a lady who has some say in what art is displayed in the Bethune Cookman University Gallery.  So I am happy to say I will be one of three fiber artist-groups who will have work exhibited beginning September 23, 2011.  I think she said the exhibit would be up at least three months; until January of 2012.   Which means I have to get back to work in earnest so I will have some new pieces to go with some of what I have in the house.  Which isn't much right now.  Ten pieces of mine are currently on display in Daytona at a conference center.  This display was arranged by Mary McBride the SAQA rep for this area. 
 Grace Edgehill,  the lady I had lunch with last week  was a fabric designer in NYC in her early working day and at 80 she is still producing some outstanding pieces of silk  painted cloth that she creates garments with.  (Very wearable art!)
I have reconnected with my friend Marga as well.  About two weeks ago we met for coffee and chatted for almost three hours, well...  on Thursday we met again, instead of coffee for me and tea for Marga, this time we tried a new  self serve soft serve yogurt place in the same strip Mall.  I had a mix of Mango and Vanilla topped with assorted fresh fruit. On a hot Florida day it was delicious.
As you can see from the images at the top of this entry, I had three ladies in today to try their hands at water color painting on silk.  Nancy, Mary and Norma.  
They looked like they were enjoying it and the day passed quickly.  I really like hosting these small in house/studio classes and will probably do more.  Best thing... the only traveling I have to do is walk along the hall ways, cross from one side of the building to the other via the parking garage and take the elevator down  four floors to the main lobby then reverse the trip as I escort them up to my apartment. 
No packing up and toting or unpacking.  I did  do a little rearranging of the furniture and stash a few pieces, like the coffee table and a stool in the bedroom for the duration to make it work, but believe me that was no big deal at all.
Between reading a five book series introducted to me by my daughter Rene and laughing my head off at the antics of the characters therein (when I have to stop to recharge the battery in the Nook) I have been trying my hand at some or shall I say refreshing my hand since it has been awhile since I last stamped, screen printed, foiled etc and just generally testing out some approaches I think I want to use  on a very much smaller scale for creating the piece I have in mind for Houston.
Things are looking promising. 
I reread the rule for the competition and the work can not be shown prior to being accepted and exhibited in Houston so I won't be showing you this piece in progress. :(
Might show you some of my samples and try-out pieces however.  We'll see.

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