Thursday, December 31, 2015

My great grand mother used to say

whatever you are doing when the new year comes in is what you will be doing for the rest of the year.  I guess that is why there is so much kissing. 
Anyway since there is no one here for me to kiss at midnight, I think I will set my alarm to wake me a little before just in case I nod off,  then get myself to my studio and put a few more brush stokes to this piece.  No wait, if I take that literally does that mean I will be working on this same piece for a year.... nah!  I've never worked on any thing that long, not since one of the  first quilts I made way back in 1986 when I was still working full time , had a husband and  had two of my four kids still at home.


After I finished painting the last piece I thought I would put a little order to my paint inventory.  I don't have as many different colors as it looks.  Because I teach, I have several tubes  of the same colors to pass around during classes.

It's been a while since I painted a yellow flower.  And I don't think I have done ones that overlap,  Will give you another look see maybe at the end of my painting day tomorrow. 

Happy New Year.  Here's to piece, joy and creativity.  And be mindful of where you are, and what you are doing and with who... or is that whom.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

About ready to paint

Worked on this painting this morning and it is about ready to quilt, but I think  I will live with it a day or two on the design wall before I do.  .  I have the other half yard of silk that is  ready to paint on and I have selected several flowers for another composition so I think while I have the paints out I will do another painting before settling myself into quilting.  Will show you this piece when it is quilted, possibly in a few weeks.
This afternoon I am going to check my Isacord thread inventory.  I am out of several colors that I use a lot.  Most of the time I order what I need online and wait for the Postman or UPS guy to come.  But this time I can buy local and bring it home immediately.   
 The Sewing Studio, a mini-version of  the now out of business Baer Fabrics in Louisville, KY is having their New Years Day 40% off sale.  Brings back memories of when I was first into quilting, and how I  was willing to stand in a block long lines to get that same percent off at Baer's on Super Bowl Sunday. Baer's had an efficient systems of getting you served and so does the Sewing studio especially if you are not wanting fabric cut, which I am not.

Thread, just the thread and maybe some other notions that I can serve myself to.

Wishing you peace, joy and a very creative New Year

Monday, December 28, 2015

You never can foretell the weather.

Yesterday started with really bright clear sunny skies and I rolled out of bed ready to get started on a new painting, but thought I should finish the last facing one of several pieces I had finished quilting several weeks ago.  With that done, I set up a little space in the studio to paint, but by then, nearing lunch time  the sky was clouding over and rain fell.  I had to set up a light to keep painting during the afternoon. but stopped at 6 when even the lamp and the overhead lighting wasn't enogh

This is the line drawing I am using

This is where I  was when I decided it needed more leaves.
This morning I woke to a cloudy day and I wasn't in a hurry to get to the studio space.  The sun is coming a going behind, big white fluffy clouds that are moving quite quickly across the sky.   I added more leaves before calling it quits  last evening.  I am going to paint the flower today. 
The piece will measure about 20" x 30" when finished, although there is about 3 inches top and bottom that is folded over behind the painting board,  So it could be a little longer than 30 inches when it is quilted and faced.
 Going to go now, before the sun decides it is going to go too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Universe heard me whining and thank goodness

 thought I was wishing I guess and guess what.  I was in my studio when something big and white fly passed my window and came to perch on the fence almost at the spot the vulture had stood.  It stayed on the fence  long enough for me get over my surprise, grab my camera and snap a picture and like that, it was gone.  Hummm, let me thing about what else I'd like to whine about. 

I gifted myself a small GoPro camera and spent part of yesterday learning to operate it was so easy.   The turning it into a cohesive video tutorial to upload to Youtube or upload to my blog  is a little more work.  When I get the bugs worked out I'll attach at short clip to my blog.

 Today (Monday) I became one of thousands worldwide  who have crammed into the theatre to see Star Wars.  I went with my daughter Rene to the sold out  11:30 am show then I did a little marketing on the way home.  I am so glad I don't have any Christmas shopping to do, because the streets and the market are crowded.
My Christmas cactus is blooming
And my azalea bushes along side my condo are just beginning to bloom too.
I am surrounded by this lovely shade of pink.  It's no wonder why I so often reach for, pink, magenta and rose when I begin a new painting. 
I decided to put the facings on all four  of the small pieces before I get started on painting a new piece.  Finished two of them yesterday.   Two down with two to go, so maybe before Christmas I will have a day to paint.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


quilting the last of the four little pieces I showed you in the last post.  Blocked and trued-up they have been added to the pile of pieces that need facings and sleeves.
Not sure why the fourth one won't educe so it is the same size image  as the  others.  Oh well here are the four of them. 
    It was a good day here in Central Florida, clear sky, a little wind, glorious sunshine.  Jeans and a long sleeve t shirt was called for.
My next piece will be a little larger.  In the 20" x 30" range.  Will give you a look as I get going.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Your would think Florida having an abundance of

pretty birds, ducks, and egrets, you would think some of  them would come to visit my back yard, but no, I get vultures
Was trying out different paint brushes today to see if the ones  I have used for years (different sizes of angle shaders by Simply Simmons)  are still the best choice for the painting I do and they are.  But I also found I like Rounds too in two different sizes and will be using them when painting small details.
All of these pieces are painted on 11" x 13" pieces of silk broadcloth.   I'll start quilting them tomorrow and add them to my vendor inventory. 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

It seems like forever,

and in a way I guess it has been.  I had a busy Summer, and an even busier Fall.
      Yes I have  been in my studio and produced a number of pieces. One large piece was sold almost as soon as the sleeves were attached.  For a time I didn't think I could make enough work to sell during this upcoming  quilt show season so I didn't commit to being a vendor next year at any of the ones planned,  except the one in Venice, Florida  next  March. 
     But I've gotten more done than I thought I would.  So I guess I'll see if it is not too late to get a booth at some of them. 

Here is what's on my design wall. 

I am updating my class and pattern sample using an ombre fabric and a commercial print.  So it is next inline to be quilted after the piece under the need is finished today.

This is the last  one of  three that I  painted using this design, Each a different color. 
When Josh, my oldest grandson left home last Spring, I didn't immediately claim his room for studio space, but after a while just letting it set there unused seemed a waste, so out with the bed and other stuff he didn't take with him and it became a cutting and storage area.  The windows on the front of the house provide great light, even on cloudy days and I foresee myself using the room to paint in as well.
     One week in December, gone.  Time is flying.   And while I have enjoyed being busy and traveling about teaching and visiting with family and friends,  at the end of the last trip home from CT I was ready for some downtime and then my friend Peggy from KY came for a week long visit  .And way to fast Olivia (the grand-daughter)  was here for Thanksgiving  and gone. Whew!   Soon it will be Christmas. 
     Thanks to my neighbors, Jen and Steve,  who hung the lights,  my house is lit up for the holidays.  We have a roof line in common on the front and to make their place merry mine needed to be somewhat merry too.  No Christmas tree for me again this year.  A wreath on the front door,  simple green bows and green bulbs in the coach lights and three candles in each window is as good as it is going to get here.

     Really green grass not covered with  snow... poinsettias growing outdoors... being from above the Mason Dixon Line, even after seven Christmases here in central Florida  I still  don't get the giant inflated snowmen, signs reading "Let it snow"  and  palm trees wrapped in lights.