Saturday, December 19, 2015


quilting the last of the four little pieces I showed you in the last post.  Blocked and trued-up they have been added to the pile of pieces that need facings and sleeves.
Not sure why the fourth one won't educe so it is the same size image  as the  others.  Oh well here are the four of them. 
    It was a good day here in Central Florida, clear sky, a little wind, glorious sunshine.  Jeans and a long sleeve t shirt was called for.
My next piece will be a little larger.  In the 20" x 30" range.  Will give you a look as I get going.


Frieda Anderson said...

Love them. I bought your SAQA auction piece last year and it is hanging on my studio wall. You make such lovely pieces.
Thank you for sharing

A Nudge said...

Lovely, lovely pieces, Juanita. I follow you on bloglovin' so I hope to see the start of your next piece. I just love poppies! Merry Christmas.