Sunday, December 06, 2015

It seems like forever,

and in a way I guess it has been.  I had a busy Summer, and an even busier Fall.
      Yes I have  been in my studio and produced a number of pieces. One large piece was sold almost as soon as the sleeves were attached.  For a time I didn't think I could make enough work to sell during this upcoming  quilt show season so I didn't commit to being a vendor next year at any of the ones planned,  except the one in Venice, Florida  next  March. 
     But I've gotten more done than I thought I would.  So I guess I'll see if it is not too late to get a booth at some of them. 

Here is what's on my design wall. 

I am updating my class and pattern sample using an ombre fabric and a commercial print.  So it is next inline to be quilted after the piece under the need is finished today.

This is the last  one of  three that I  painted using this design, Each a different color. 
When Josh, my oldest grandson left home last Spring, I didn't immediately claim his room for studio space, but after a while just letting it set there unused seemed a waste, so out with the bed and other stuff he didn't take with him and it became a cutting and storage area.  The windows on the front of the house provide great light, even on cloudy days and I foresee myself using the room to paint in as well.
     One week in December, gone.  Time is flying.   And while I have enjoyed being busy and traveling about teaching and visiting with family and friends,  at the end of the last trip home from CT I was ready for some downtime and then my friend Peggy from KY came for a week long visit  .And way to fast Olivia (the grand-daughter)  was here for Thanksgiving  and gone. Whew!   Soon it will be Christmas. 
     Thanks to my neighbors, Jen and Steve,  who hung the lights,  my house is lit up for the holidays.  We have a roof line in common on the front and to make their place merry mine needed to be somewhat merry too.  No Christmas tree for me again this year.  A wreath on the front door,  simple green bows and green bulbs in the coach lights and three candles in each window is as good as it is going to get here.

     Really green grass not covered with  snow... poinsettias growing outdoors... being from above the Mason Dixon Line, even after seven Christmases here in central Florida  I still  don't get the giant inflated snowmen, signs reading "Let it snow"  and  palm trees wrapped in lights. 

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