Monday, December 28, 2015

You never can foretell the weather.

Yesterday started with really bright clear sunny skies and I rolled out of bed ready to get started on a new painting, but thought I should finish the last facing one of several pieces I had finished quilting several weeks ago.  With that done, I set up a little space in the studio to paint, but by then, nearing lunch time  the sky was clouding over and rain fell.  I had to set up a light to keep painting during the afternoon. but stopped at 6 when even the lamp and the overhead lighting wasn't enogh

This is the line drawing I am using

This is where I  was when I decided it needed more leaves.
This morning I woke to a cloudy day and I wasn't in a hurry to get to the studio space.  The sun is coming a going behind, big white fluffy clouds that are moving quite quickly across the sky.   I added more leaves before calling it quits  last evening.  I am going to paint the flower today. 
The piece will measure about 20" x 30" when finished, although there is about 3 inches top and bottom that is folded over behind the painting board,  So it could be a little longer than 30 inches when it is quilted and faced.
 Going to go now, before the sun decides it is going to go too.

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