Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Universe heard me whining and thank goodness

 thought I was wishing I guess and guess what.  I was in my studio when something big and white fly passed my window and came to perch on the fence almost at the spot the vulture had stood.  It stayed on the fence  long enough for me get over my surprise, grab my camera and snap a picture and like that, it was gone.  Hummm, let me thing about what else I'd like to whine about. 

I gifted myself a small GoPro camera and spent part of yesterday learning to operate it was so easy.   The turning it into a cohesive video tutorial to upload to Youtube or upload to my blog  is a little more work.  When I get the bugs worked out I'll attach at short clip to my blog.

 Today (Monday) I became one of thousands worldwide  who have crammed into the theatre to see Star Wars.  I went with my daughter Rene to the sold out  11:30 am show then I did a little marketing on the way home.  I am so glad I don't have any Christmas shopping to do, because the streets and the market are crowded.
My Christmas cactus is blooming
And my azalea bushes along side my condo are just beginning to bloom too.
I am surrounded by this lovely shade of pink.  It's no wonder why I so often reach for, pink, magenta and rose when I begin a new painting. 
I decided to put the facings on all four  of the small pieces before I get started on painting a new piece.  Finished two of them yesterday.   Two down with two to go, so maybe before Christmas I will have a day to paint.

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