Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I love my work space

I love it more when it looks like I have been working in it which I have been doing of late.  During the last two weeks I have been working on the quilt seen on the design wall.  I am happy to say that it is done all but having a facing applied and those sleeves which is the my least favorite part of  making quilts. 
 I told my friend Peggy on the phone yesterday that I would more likely than not roll the quilt up and put it in the closet at this point if it were not a commissioned piece and I still might if the person it was made for does not like it.
I was pleased to get an e-mail from my customer first thing this morning saying that she loved it and wanted to know how soon I could send it.  So with that I will be spending a few hours of my life facing and putting on sleeves.
Before that  and after I deliver the visiting grand-daughter (Olivia) to gymnastic camp I am going to do a little tidying up of my work space. I  should have  enough time after that to cut the strips and maybe machine sew on the facing.  Then I am off to lunch with a friend from Louisville, KY who is visiting Florida with her daughter.  We will meet for lunch at Crispers, one of my favorite places to eat, in one of my favorite sections of central Florida (Winter Park).
Medical report:  Went to the cardio doctor on Monday and was given a good report.  Have also lost 18 pounds during the last two months which he was very happy about.  Gone are the days of me indulging my love of ice cream by the bowlful.  Most of my food comes from the fresh veggie and fruit section anymore.
My HQ is almost set up but I have not turned it on to see how I like sewing on it.  That will come as soon as the commissioned piece is packed and ready to ship.

Piece measures 50 " wide by 39" long  No Name yet. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

So many kind words, cards, flowers and calls

Every day  I laid in bed since my last post; yes I had a re-laps of both the hip and the heart and had to make a trip back to the hospital for a few days only to return home to more bed rest because the pain in my hip came back with a vengeance to.  So each day as I lay there wanting to get up and quilt  I looked forward to having the mail brought to me and each day brought more and more cards and well wishes.  So to everyone who sent me a card or flowers or called to chat, thank you.
I am up again and on my feet I hope this time without another set back.  I am on the mends.   Heart meds were adjust so the old ticker is humming along and if I take frequent breaks from sitting and get up to stretch and walk around the house a bit I can sit and quilt comfortably.
Here's a look at where I am at the end of my quilting today.
One bad thing about being laid up without much to occupy your brain, there is only so much time you can spend playing Scrabble on your Nook with three computer players so you make wish list and one of the things on my list was a mid-arm swing machine which I investigated on the I-pad while prone.  I won't blame  it  totally on the pain meds I was on, but I ordered a HQ Sweet Sixteen and it  came yesterday.
Here it sits table,  machine and bobbin winder in boxes that are too heavy for me to lift and maneuver. Generally the UPS guy just rings the bell and leaves the package.  This time since they had to be signed for he scooted the boxes just inside the door. So here they sit.  I am waiting for a couple of guys with muscles to come to my assistance.  Namely a couple of grandsons or one grandson and a friend. 
At this moment I don't really care if it take several days before help arrives because I fear that once it is unboxed and set up I will want to play with it instead of finishing the piece I am working on.