Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday I felt a little like Dora the Explorer

I lived in Louisville, KY for most of my life except for the time I lived in NYC while in high school. Then there was my three year stay in Columbia, Mo. I was well into adulthood before I ventured into the "wilds of Kentucky" For that matter I went no place south of the city until the early 70's and only as far east in Kentucky as the outskirts of Lexington. I never traversed the state by car on the way south to someplace else until 1968 and then it was a straight shot down Interstate 65 to Nashville, TN.
It's not that I never left the state. I flew out of it on the way South a number of times. It was just when driving I always went north toward Ohio and across Pennsylvania.
Of the three years I lived in Missouri and all the time before that that I traveled there to see Lyn and the Grand sons I can't tell you much about what is actually in the states or what the character of the small towns are. I can almost drive from the MLK bridge to exit 124 in Columbia with my eyes closed. (just joking).but what I know of St. Louis the city I passed through so often I could tell you in one sentence. The arch is great and so is the park in which it stands and close by there is a street that reminds me of New Orleans, but this I learned from having visited the city back in the 80's.
While I lived in Columbia, I drove to Sedelia once to go to a Big Lots, The most memorable part of that trip was I blew the left front tire on the Jeep and a very good looking guy change the tire for me.
I drove to Marshall once to do a lecture for the guild there and several time I accompanied my daughter Lyn to Jefferson City (30 miles away) but I was never a tourist or explorer anxious to see what hidden treasures the state held. Now that I look back on it I should have gotten out and about the state more.
So when I moved here, I decided that I would venture out,go exploring and venturing out I have and I did again on Saturday. Ocala is about 80 miles or about 1-1/2 hours drive north from my parking garage. I took the State roads and they took me past and through several places that would have; on a better weather day had me out of the car and walking the streets and taking pictures. And yes, I remembered to take my camera. But because, of the rain I didn't bother to turn it on. I didn't get up on Saturday morning with itchy feet nor did I stick a pin in the map and decide on Ocala, just because or simply to see the city.
I was in search of some art supplies that I could not find locally, products that I did not want to wait for a delivery from Dick Blick. So with an apple, a hand full of nuts and a cup of coffee for my on the road breakfast off I went.
I drove past the Villages ( a neat planned Spanish themed community) and the place that the weatherman always references in his nightly report. On the way back somehow the GPS routed me through the center of Mount Dora. I liked what I saw of the town and next weekend there is a craft fair scheduled. Rene and I are planning to go up for that. Lets hope the weather is better and I will get some pictures to post.
Back to the art supply store: The Red Swan boast of being the largest art supply store in north central Florida and it was a good size place in a strip mall on the NE 14th Street. Not the center city, so I did not actually get to see the "city" of Ocala. I was somewhat disappointed. But not enough to explore in the rain. It took close to 2 hours to get to the art store; it rained on me all the way there and over two hours to get home; it poured on the way back.
Quilt related. I am over my duhs and back to working on a piece to hang on the wall at the end of the hallway of my new to me place when I move.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rolled, wrapped, boxed and gone. Now what?

Thirteen quilts for Flora, Flora, Flora art quilts by Juanita Yeager
Sorry I can't make the link work.

I so love the Home Depot here in Florida. They cut my slats to order. No more paying for left over pieces of wood I can't use. Not sure if this cut to order service is available elsewhere since I have never been a Home Depot shopper. For some reason, I guess convenience; Lowe's was where I have always purchased the strips of wood I both in KY and MO that I use to display my quilts. But here, the Home Depot is closer.
So off I went on Monday evening to have sticks cut for thirteen pieces I sent sent to Ann Arbor. Thirteen quilts translates to 26 cuts. I put sleeves top and bottom on all of my work. All of my work that is except really small one and as you know, I don't as a rule do small. For a time I had to rack my brain to solve the problem of how I was going to ship hanging slats for the two pieces that were wider than 48 inches.

Get a longer box you say. Well yes, if all else failed, but you see I didn't want to to get a longer bx if I didn't have to. Not when I had a perfectly good 10" x 10" x 48" box already.
A 10" x 10" by four feet long box loaded with quilts is a bear to handle, let alone one fully loaded that was five feet. You know I have to consider these things now that I no longer have male muscles in the form of over 6 feet tall grandsons to call upon.
The solution to my problem came after an inquiry was posted to the quiltart list without success, some Internet research on my part and the knowledge of a salesman at Home depot.

The answer....Dowel screws.
Here's what I did. I brought 1/2" x 3/4" molding strips instead of my usual 2" x 1/4" lattice strips and cut then not quite in half. I drilled 1-1/4" deep holes in the cut ends and screwed one end of a dowel screw into one of the sticks and masking taped it to the corresponding other end so the curator could simply screw the two pieces back together when she hung the exhibit. I had to drill the holes using progressively larger sizes of drill bits so as not to split the sticks. I'm glad this was needed for only two of the pieces in the exhibit. I had to bring out the vac to get rid of the saw dust bummer. The width of everything else was less than 48".

It never fails so today, two days after the fact I am still moving slow, both body and brain. You see I am always at a loss as to what to do next when I have finished a big project. So after I left the UPS store I went to the Library to get a fresh supply of books on CD, and stopped at Walgreen's for some batteries to my portable CD player just in case I am into a book too good to stop listening too while I do my daily walk. After that I treated myself to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant and came home to sit on the sofa. DUH!!!

The closing date for the condo is Friday if nothing comes up at the last minute.
I've finalized my selection of lighting, paint, bathroom fixtures etc, so it is now in the hands of the contractor. I'll leave selecting a washer/dryer and fridge for a week or two in the future.

Where do I go from here? ... I'm searching my brain, trying to remember all the things I wanted to try. All the things that sounded interesting at the time when in the midst of other stuff I told myself I could do once all of the quilts were, rolled, wrapped, boxed and gone.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Was it a week ago

well yes. Time fies when....

Last Saturday Rene and I went to the Home and Garden Show at the Orlando Convention Center. Here are a few things that caught my eye. Love the faucet and it would work well with the Farmhouse sink I can see in my remodeled kitchen. The chandeliers were gorgeous, but my new place is not going to be any where close to needing that kind of lighting. I am going for the simple, comfy, mo muss no fuss look.
Saw a cute 48"restored claw foot tub, but ruled it out when I tried to swing my leg up and over the rim. I had one of these in my very first, just got married apartment back in the early 60 and hated it, but now, I don't know if it is the quaintness or nostalgia bug that has bitten, but I love them now. However, my hips don't, so I ruled out the claw foot tub in favor of a large shower with multiple heads.
While there were lots of stuff to see, there wasn't anything there that changed my mind about the items I have on my wish list that I found at Home Depot and Lowe's. One good thing, there were lots of wood flooring booths and I got to see larger samples of the wood flooring I want.

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On Wednesday

I drove an hour to teach a class in Kissimee at the Queen Anne Lace Quilt Shop. I wish I was more of a shutter bug, the downtown was quite charming, which is where the shop is located. The manager and staff at the shop were super and I plan to return there to teach again. If you are in the area, do drop by and tell them I said, Hi.

And no the cat didn't participate in the class. He just made me sneeze and cough. I'm allergic.
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I really shouldn't be surprised

after all I can not tell you how many times my thoughts or my wishes have been spoken that they materialize. And so it was in these two instances. Back before Christmas I was on the hunt for a small back pack or back pack type purse to put my camera in along with my journal, a pen, maybe a cup of yogurt and a bottle of water so I could strap it on, and wear while I did my morning walk about the lake. I spend a day walking from store to store and through the mall without finding what I wanted. So often I had wanted these items so I could sit by the lake at the end of my walk and take in the scenery and bask In the serenity. When this wish was made known to my son Mike and his wife Mel while there were here with me after Christmas, they told me Mike had just the right size back pack for me. He had gotten it to carry his camera and extra lens, but his camera is BIG and his lens are BIG and his stuff did not fit. On Tuesday I open a box from them and there it was. It is the perfect size. I was off to teach a class on Wednesday and it rained on Thursday and I have no excuse for not walking at the lake today other than I am putting all of my time to putting sleeves on 6 quilts and labels on 9 of them.
Which brings me to the other problem I have been contemplating for months... how to make labels for my quilts that did not require me to sew them on after they have been run through the printer. I thought why can't I come up with something like the no scratch label in t-shirts. The answer is... ta-da. T-shirt transfer sheets. I got them at Michael's. The only down side to this method is it is best when used on light and medium light value fabrics. Oh well you can't have everything so I will just have to remember to keep the color of my backing fabric a medium to light value in order for the writing to be legible because it is so easy to run them through the printer and then press them on with an iron. That was after I found how to do make my printer do mirror image printing.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Creative efficient use of time and space

is the theme for today and into the near future.
Down deep I knew I did not want to make another quilt for my upcoming exhibit especially when I finally admitted that my time could be put to use elsewhere.
I am knitting a sweater that is almost finished. I really wanted to get it done before the weather warmed up again. It was 72 today. And there are several artist calls I want to submit entries too... and I want to mull over what I want to do with my condo. I am visualizing myself in the space.
When I did the inventory of the pieces I had rolled in the closet or left in MO with Lyn and added in the ones I have created since moving to Florida, the count was 13 pieces that fit the theme. At the most, no matter how I added up the numbers and matched it with the amount of running feet of wall space, 11 pieces were the maximum that could be shown in the space I was allotted and not have the exhibit look crowded.
So as I was eating my customary breakfast of walnuts, blueberries and non-fat yogurt I sent an email off to the curator with a thumb nail picture of the 13 pieces I thought were appropriate complete with the sizes of each so she could make the decision of how many of them she wanted. When she does, I can get on to making labels, sleeves and sticks. No since in doing that until I know for sure.

I was immediately relieved.

Now I can turn my creative energies elsewhere. Just knowing if the cloth and the dyes and the sewing machine calls I won't have to work to a theme; a freeing thought, even when the theme is flowers and flowers are my most favorite of subjects.

The inspection for the condo went well. No major problems but there is lots of updating I want to do, such as hardwood flooring throughout, energy efficient windows and new wood work; doors, moldings, etc because they have been painted far too many times. I want French doors instead of bi-fold in my bedroom, although I think a bi-fold would work better for the closet in my studio. (Space saving)
I want to change a doorway from the living room to the bedroom hallway into an archway. Because I am not sure why there was a door there in the first place.

Can't you see this ... No not the baby grand, the shelving around the french doors.
And yes, I am going to remove those awful vertical blinds.
I can see bead board in the bathroom which will be completely gutted. I want bead board in the dining area too. I love that cottage look, so there will be lots of white trim and yellow walls and open cabinets and shelves in the kitchen in time as I am not sure if the kitchen will get done before the move because with the exception of the refrigerator which has been without electricity for MONTHS nothing else needs immediate replacement. The range and dishwasher look to be recently purchased, but I would love to replace them because they are black, I hate black appliances especially in a galley kitchen that can use all the lightness it can get. Hence the changing out of the maple cabinets for white ones at some point, or maybe I'll just paint them white. Hmm....

I plan to fit out the closet in the room that will be my studio and make it my office space. Today Rene and I are off to Lowe's and Home depot to pick out what we need and want for our condos, the contractor says he can get everything I want done in three weeks. Coincidentally there is a big home and garden show at the convention center this weekend. Rene and I plan to scope out what the newest of new stuff in home decor and improvement is this Saturday.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Outside it has been rather cold

as you can see by the frozen water in the garden fountain. Inside has been very different as I warm and comfy, worked on my latest piece that very much say, ah...Spring. When cropped and faced should measure about 40" wide by 58" long. Facing should be done by this time tomorrow and then it is on to the last piece I have time to finish before getting my inventory list and other paper work sent off via e-mail on the 18th of this month. All work needs to be packed and out of here on or about the 27th.
I have taken to walking at 3 in the afternoon around the lake as opposed to first thing in the morning.
Then I will turn most of my time to renovating a new to me condo which will mean getting proper lighting installed in one of the two bedroom I will use as my studio space. I know I have raved about where I reside currently, but living here as just made me realize that I love this area well enough to look for something more permanent and much more to how I want to live my life. It isn't so much that I have a problem with looking at my studio space as I am having my morning coffee or while sitting on the sofa knitting, it just that I really do like the idea of having a space that is contained and defined as a studio.
So I will keep you informed as to my progress in getting this new to me space completed. I will be off in a few minutes to meet the house inspector who will give me the good and the bad about my new home.

"Ah Spring", I think I will call this piece.
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Friday, January 01, 2010

It has been a while since I blogged last

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Mine was as I had imagined it would be dispite it really not being my usual. It did not feel like Christmas to me. Gone was the traditional Christmas day brunch, gone were small children, peppermints and a Christmas tree. The only thing that stayed the same was Mid-night Mass. I did not weep for what used to be. Rather I enjoyed the change this move to Florida has brought.
Palm trees wrapped in lights and snapdragons amid the poinsetta planted outside still takes me aback.Not to forgo all of my traditions I brought a potted poinsetta for the season, but I do not miss the cold and the snow.
Part of Christmas day was spent at the movies. My daughter Rene' and I saw, Sherlock Holmes and It's Complicated. The first was so-so and the second one was very good, funny. Love Meryl Streep.
My middle grandson, Justin arrived on Christmas morning and stayed until Tuesday morning. I drove him to air port to catch the 9:25 back to Louisville.
Rene' and I had Christmas dinner at TGIFriday because it was the only place open. Next year I will know to plan better. Mind you I did not say I would cook, just plan better.
On December 26th at 6:15 a.m. I drove Rene to the airport for an 8: am flight to Louisville and I drove back to the airport to get her on her return at 10:05 AM on Sunday morning. (fast trip.
I am working on another quilt for the exhibit and think this is the last one I can finish before I have to get all the paper work done; inventory list and artist statement, blah, blah, blah...Right now it is measuring about 45 inches wide by 60 or so long and will finish roughly that size..
My son Myke, his daughter Joslyn and my daughter in law Maryellen arrived on Monday evening from Rhode Island. It was wonderful having them here for three days and some odd hours. They left for the airport 2 hours ago.Their three hour flight will put them home at about nine this evening.
We saw 2010 in standing on the top level of the parking garage, 7 stories up where I could look down on the pool and the people who where using the hot tub. It was 67 degrees, ahhhhh. It was a great place to view all of the fireworks displays that were taking place at mid-night;in every direction you looked however, south toward Orlando was where the best one were shot off but there were other displays closer; Apopka, Casselberry, Maitland, and Winter Park for example.
Knowing Universal Studio theme park has a nightly fireworks display at 9PM we went up a little before nine to see how well we could see it from our vantage point and it was great, so we knew going up at mid-might would work out.
A close look at one of the flowers in my latest piece
Looking down from the top floor of the parking garage on New Years eve
A larger view of the latest piece
My daughter in law Mel
Grandaughter Joslyn, she's a Junior in HS and 18th in her class of over 300. (grandmotherly bragging)
To all who stop by to read my blog, Happy New Year and may it bring you all that you wish for.