Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rolled, wrapped, boxed and gone. Now what?

Thirteen quilts for Flora, Flora, Flora art quilts by Juanita Yeager
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I so love the Home Depot here in Florida. They cut my slats to order. No more paying for left over pieces of wood I can't use. Not sure if this cut to order service is available elsewhere since I have never been a Home Depot shopper. For some reason, I guess convenience; Lowe's was where I have always purchased the strips of wood I both in KY and MO that I use to display my quilts. But here, the Home Depot is closer.
So off I went on Monday evening to have sticks cut for thirteen pieces I sent sent to Ann Arbor. Thirteen quilts translates to 26 cuts. I put sleeves top and bottom on all of my work. All of my work that is except really small one and as you know, I don't as a rule do small. For a time I had to rack my brain to solve the problem of how I was going to ship hanging slats for the two pieces that were wider than 48 inches.

Get a longer box you say. Well yes, if all else failed, but you see I didn't want to to get a longer bx if I didn't have to. Not when I had a perfectly good 10" x 10" x 48" box already.
A 10" x 10" by four feet long box loaded with quilts is a bear to handle, let alone one fully loaded that was five feet. You know I have to consider these things now that I no longer have male muscles in the form of over 6 feet tall grandsons to call upon.
The solution to my problem came after an inquiry was posted to the quiltart list without success, some Internet research on my part and the knowledge of a salesman at Home depot.

The answer....Dowel screws.
Here's what I did. I brought 1/2" x 3/4" molding strips instead of my usual 2" x 1/4" lattice strips and cut then not quite in half. I drilled 1-1/4" deep holes in the cut ends and screwed one end of a dowel screw into one of the sticks and masking taped it to the corresponding other end so the curator could simply screw the two pieces back together when she hung the exhibit. I had to drill the holes using progressively larger sizes of drill bits so as not to split the sticks. I'm glad this was needed for only two of the pieces in the exhibit. I had to bring out the vac to get rid of the saw dust bummer. The width of everything else was less than 48".

It never fails so today, two days after the fact I am still moving slow, both body and brain. You see I am always at a loss as to what to do next when I have finished a big project. So after I left the UPS store I went to the Library to get a fresh supply of books on CD, and stopped at Walgreen's for some batteries to my portable CD player just in case I am into a book too good to stop listening too while I do my daily walk. After that I treated myself to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant and came home to sit on the sofa. DUH!!!

The closing date for the condo is Friday if nothing comes up at the last minute.
I've finalized my selection of lighting, paint, bathroom fixtures etc, so it is now in the hands of the contractor. I'll leave selecting a washer/dryer and fridge for a week or two in the future.

Where do I go from here? ... I'm searching my brain, trying to remember all the things I wanted to try. All the things that sounded interesting at the time when in the midst of other stuff I told myself I could do once all of the quilts were, rolled, wrapped, boxed and gone.

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Susan Turney said...

What a beautiful collection...I hope you can get some pictures that you can post of the exhibit!

Are you buying the place you're living in or is it a new one? I haven't been able to tell. Either way it sounds very exciting!!!!!

FoulkeArt said...

Beautiful work, Juanita!