Friday, January 22, 2010

I really shouldn't be surprised

after all I can not tell you how many times my thoughts or my wishes have been spoken that they materialize. And so it was in these two instances. Back before Christmas I was on the hunt for a small back pack or back pack type purse to put my camera in along with my journal, a pen, maybe a cup of yogurt and a bottle of water so I could strap it on, and wear while I did my morning walk about the lake. I spend a day walking from store to store and through the mall without finding what I wanted. So often I had wanted these items so I could sit by the lake at the end of my walk and take in the scenery and bask In the serenity. When this wish was made known to my son Mike and his wife Mel while there were here with me after Christmas, they told me Mike had just the right size back pack for me. He had gotten it to carry his camera and extra lens, but his camera is BIG and his lens are BIG and his stuff did not fit. On Tuesday I open a box from them and there it was. It is the perfect size. I was off to teach a class on Wednesday and it rained on Thursday and I have no excuse for not walking at the lake today other than I am putting all of my time to putting sleeves on 6 quilts and labels on 9 of them.
Which brings me to the other problem I have been contemplating for months... how to make labels for my quilts that did not require me to sew them on after they have been run through the printer. I thought why can't I come up with something like the no scratch label in t-shirts. The answer is... ta-da. T-shirt transfer sheets. I got them at Michael's. The only down side to this method is it is best when used on light and medium light value fabrics. Oh well you can't have everything so I will just have to remember to keep the color of my backing fabric a medium to light value in order for the writing to be legible because it is so easy to run them through the printer and then press them on with an iron. That was after I found how to do make my printer do mirror image printing.

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Anonymous said...

Juanita, your solution for putting labels on your quilts is wonderful. I always "forget" to label my quilts because it such a drag sewing them, so I might try this. Penny