Saturday, May 31, 2008

And to add to the week

I finished with a gallery talk on Satrday, then raced to teach the first day of a two day class at the Forget-Me-Not Quilt Shoppe in Louisville. Here is what one student, Peggy did. I hope the others finished their pieces as well.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I hope I don't confuse you

I was trying to go through my week in an orderly manner, but I see my week reads from the ending to the beginning instead of vise-versa.

This is the work that is hanging

at the Carnegie. If you are in the area, please drop in and see it in person. Feedback is always welcomed.
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Friday in the morning

I was back at the Carnegie, doing a galley talk to 47 3rd graders from a local school. They were all very attentive. They made a ame of trying to find my signature on each of my quilts and discovered that there was one I had not signed. And they were right.
I had lunch with the Director, and other members of the staff at the Carnegie, before I did an interview for an upcoming Cable art program that will air in the Louisville market sometimes in July. This was the crew. I turned the tables on them when the interview was done. They also had a cameraman at the opening reception that evening so they could include some shot of that event in the program. Fun!!

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On Thursday

I taught another class at the Carnegie. This time in a dye painting technique I am developing. Will let you know more about this when I can say I have prefected it. These eight ladies where willing to be my test subjects. Thurday after class I met some other friends along with the Kath-es for dinner at P F Changs. I thought it was over rated. But then I am allergic to wheat so that leaves a lot on the menu that I could not taste, let alone eat. Bummer.



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On Wednesday

with the help of my friends Marti Plager, Kathy Loomis, my grandson Justin and his girl friend Calley, we got the show up in record time. Then went to have dinner with some of my former students. There were eight of us at Judy Wright's house. Her husband who is a great cook, served us the most delicious, cheese burger soup. Sorry, I didn't ask for the recipe. Then ended this very busy day by sitting in Marti Plager's Studio for the June Meeting of RIver City Fiber Artist. I delivered to them, three pieces to be included in our upcoming exhibit at the Water Tower Gallery that opens mid June. At the end of this day I crashed. This is Sally Newkirk the Director of the Carnegie and the curator on the right, and I am sorry but I have forgotten her name. She is new to the position only joining the staff in the last month or so.



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On Tuesday

I met my youngest son who happened to be in Louisville from Providence seeing friends he grew up with (sort of lets get together - old home week.) He picked up his niece, my youngest grand daughter Miss Olivia as I call her and we had breakfast. We were joined by Karen Davis, her son and daughter and best friend as well as Valerie White. Olivia spent the rest of the day with me. We took my Mother out to lunch, we went to an art supply store where she informed me she was out of "art supplies" which I allowed her to replenish and try to carry out in a shopping bag that was bigger than she was. Of course I told her, in the future she was not allowed to spend more than she could carry. You know as cute as she is how long that rule will last.

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This is the week that was

in installments
I arrived in Louisville in time to have dinner with my friends the Kath-es on Sunday.
On Monday I was up early to teach a one day class at the Carnegie. Sorry I did not take pictures. I often forget to do that.
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This is the view from the Kennedy Bridge, looking at the Louisville water front east of downtown from the Indiana side of the Ohio. I was staying in Jeffersonville Indiana, making my commute to the Carnegie in New Albany IN easier.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some candid shots

Someone attending my reception took these shots at my opening reception. I have some shots I took after the exhibit was hung which I will share with you all tomorrow.
I left home Sunday a week to teach and hang my exhibit at the Carnegie Art and History Center. I extended my stay in Louisville and didn't return home until Tuesday. On Wednesday I had a sit in my comfy chair and knit day during which I started on a sweater for my grand daughter Olivia. I'll show you a picture of her tomorrow that I took while I was there.
Today I went to the nursery and brought flowers to add some color to the front gardens.
All of my perinials I planted last year are doing great. They have filled out more than I had thought they would, thus leaving little room for annuals this year.
Since that is the case I will now put most of my effort this year toward the garden areas on either side of the patio out back.
I am thinking of growing some peppers and tomatoes, if I can find a way to keep the deer from eating them. Any suggestion on how to do this in an attractive way?
There was a jazz combo playing during the reception.
The food was great and I had a great turn out dispite the long holiday weekend that began on Friday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Class day and the day before

Here are some candid shots of the class and the Village of Flossmoor were the ladies in the guild took me to a very tasty and enjoyable lunch after my lecture on Wednesday. Before my talk and me talking about the 30 quilts I took for them to see, I sat through a guild meeting where they discussed their upcoming quilt show and I must confess I experienced a barrage of flashbacks both good and bad from my early days of quiltmaking when I was knee deep in the workings of a similar organization in Louisville.
God bless them was all I was consciously thinking. Been there, done that. And never again.



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Additional up date

I can not believe it is the past the middle of May already.
Finished all the quilts I wanted to take to Louisville with me on Sunday. Tomorrow I will be making my inventory list and cutting sticks for all the quilts. And yes I was able to come up with three ideas and three smaller than my usual size work for the River's Edge exhibit in June. I will be taking them along with me on Sunday as well to show to the group when we hold our monthly meeting on Wednesday.
I am really glad the five in Louisville are still considering me one of the gang because I have missed sitting down with them; discussing our work,current projects and quilt adventrures. I will let them pass judgement on what I have done. I think I am too close to it to be objective. However I did take one of the pieces (the one pictured above)with me when I went to teach in Chicago on Tues and during the talk I was giving about my work I showed this piece I have titled Red River . They seemed to like it and read the piece as being about a river even without me telling them the title.
You never know what is around the next corner and I guess that's what makes life an adventure. When I got off of Interstate 70 to connect to Interstate 57 I saw this giagantic cross.
Since I didn't know about it and wasn't prepared I didn't get an image of it on my way to Flossmor, IL but I was determined to get a picture on my way back home. It was an ohhhh moment.
I'm hoping that there will be more of them in my life.
Until I return from Louisville, my you have some ahhh and ohhh moments too.