Friday, May 30, 2008

On Wednesday

with the help of my friends Marti Plager, Kathy Loomis, my grandson Justin and his girl friend Calley, we got the show up in record time. Then went to have dinner with some of my former students. There were eight of us at Judy Wright's house. Her husband who is a great cook, served us the most delicious, cheese burger soup. Sorry, I didn't ask for the recipe. Then ended this very busy day by sitting in Marti Plager's Studio for the June Meeting of RIver City Fiber Artist. I delivered to them, three pieces to be included in our upcoming exhibit at the Water Tower Gallery that opens mid June. At the end of this day I crashed. This is Sally Newkirk the Director of the Carnegie and the curator on the right, and I am sorry but I have forgotten her name. She is new to the position only joining the staff in the last month or so.



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