Friday, May 16, 2008

Additional up date

I can not believe it is the past the middle of May already.
Finished all the quilts I wanted to take to Louisville with me on Sunday. Tomorrow I will be making my inventory list and cutting sticks for all the quilts. And yes I was able to come up with three ideas and three smaller than my usual size work for the River's Edge exhibit in June. I will be taking them along with me on Sunday as well to show to the group when we hold our monthly meeting on Wednesday.
I am really glad the five in Louisville are still considering me one of the gang because I have missed sitting down with them; discussing our work,current projects and quilt adventrures. I will let them pass judgement on what I have done. I think I am too close to it to be objective. However I did take one of the pieces (the one pictured above)with me when I went to teach in Chicago on Tues and during the talk I was giving about my work I showed this piece I have titled Red River . They seemed to like it and read the piece as being about a river even without me telling them the title.
You never know what is around the next corner and I guess that's what makes life an adventure. When I got off of Interstate 70 to connect to Interstate 57 I saw this giagantic cross.
Since I didn't know about it and wasn't prepared I didn't get an image of it on my way to Flossmor, IL but I was determined to get a picture on my way back home. It was an ohhhh moment.
I'm hoping that there will be more of them in my life.
Until I return from Louisville, my you have some ahhh and ohhh moments too.

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