Sunday, April 20, 2008

I wear many hats

and sometimes they are all on my head at the same time. Which can not only give you a headache but a pain in the neck as well and a sense of (I was going to say panic) but that is not the case. I guess the press of time is more accurate.
You know that thing called a DEADLINE
Well I have several of those in my life, and they are crowding me.
That's my excuse for not blogging of late and I am sticking to it.
First. Sometime last year I put out a call for entry for two exhibits, I am curating and for a time I thought I would get no interest. The first exhibits opens June 2 in Henderson, KY and the second follows in August in Frankfort, KY two weeks after the close of the first one. Finally after calling on the mercy of a few friends and fellow artist who I knew did good work, I was able to get some bites. So last week I spent time going throught the selections. Making my selections and yesterday went into town to the Post Office. I was happy to get that chore done;sending out acceptantce notices as well as rejection notices. I hate the rejection part. I've had a few of them in my day.
Secondly, it is my turn to teach something for the local art-quilt critique group we have named ourself Artrageous hmm. So I am working up material for that only to find out that at least 60% of the group will not be in attendance. Hmmm
As a comment, aren't you tired of the political stuff on T.V. are is it just me. I have decided that mine is staying off for the next two weeks. I'll read the headline news that pops up on my home page when I turn on the computer in the mornings. Maybe I can defuzz my brain and get back to some serious work.
I've made two pieces for the river series but I am not happy with them, Maybe I am being too critical since water is not my idea of inspiration. An ideas thathave popped into my head require techniques that I don't want to do. Like strip piecing or raw edge spplique. I know I have limited myself but the other side of the coin is what will I do with this stuff at the end of the exhibit especially when it is not anything I want to live with.
I will stop now and go to the studio or maybe to my space in the garage to screen print, hmmm.

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