Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone viewing my balcony

my balcony from across the court yard might think I was doing the laundy.  But no... this is 21 pieces of  soy milk soaked silk broadcloth air drying.  It is a perfect day here in Central Florida, low humidity, just barely 70 degrees with a breeze that had me looking for socks for my feet. I have used since moving here used one of those collapsible cloths dryer but it makes me have to dry in shifts, so in preparing for an upcoming class I had to come up with a way of drying a greater quantity all art once.  Thus the clothes line strung between two high backed patio chairs.

The weight of the wet silk had the chair wanting to fall over backwards.  Nine yards of wet silk is heavy.   I counter balanced it with jugs of drinking water. I always have gallon jugs of water some in the apartment to drink, cook with and especially to  make my coffee and tea with.  Having grown up in Louisville, KY with some of the best tasting water in the USA the water here is hard to swallow.  I never got used to the drinking water in Columbia, MO either.  Good thing jugs of water do not cost much.
  Doing a little quilting, no reading, and working steadily on getting artist to participate in the "Faces of Color" exhibit.  Oh didn't I tell you that my proposal for the exhibit was accepted so  it is full steam ahead with my plans.  Stay tuned and you guys will be the first to learn of all the details.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Here in apartment 434

I am in full get it ready mode.  Every flat surface is covered with stuff for the two upcoming workshop I will be doing for the Peace River Quilt Guild over on the Gulf side of the state. 
As I was settling my head on my pillow last night something popped into my head and wouldn't let my eyes close.  That something was the thought that I hadn't done not one thing since last week that spoke of my creativity.  Dyeing yards and yards of fabric didn't count.  Sitting at the computer ordering stuff didn't count.  Making a pot of chili sort of did, but with no one here to compliment me on how good it tasted.... Well if I to say so myself, it tasted pretty good.
Back to creativity.  So instead of willing myself to go to sleep, I got up and pulled out the last of my painted silk compositions and started the process of sandwiching it and I went back to bed, only to get back up 15 minutes later.  I cleaned and oiled my sewing machine, put in a new needle and started to quilt.  AHHH... the sound of the machine was like a shout of "calm".  Just stitching for less then 15 minutes was all it took for that little creative voice in my head to say,  "Now you can go to bed." 

And I did and slept really well.  This morning I will stitch for a while, do a little housekeeping, go off to the bank, pick up a few things from Wal-mart  and while I am out I'll drop off a package at UPS. I'm returning something to Joann's which I purchased on line. 
Then later I will be off to a 5:30 PM meeting of the guild's raffle quilt committee. 
The rest of the week looks a lot like the past week but with more stitching time. 
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Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's not that I'm not doing much

that I haven't blogged but rather more that I'm doing a lot.  Despite the lot, not any of it is  worth taking a picture of to post here.  To that point I am not sure if I will have anything worthy of documenting in digital format for at least a week are so unless you want to see me sitting at this computer trying to find the best prices on paint brushes, silk broadcloth and other stuff I need to make the kits for my two upcoming classes. 

Not sure if I mentioned that I have been asked to curate an exhibit at a college here in central Florida but I decided to see what I could come up with and I did quite readily.  The hard part, getting my vision down in writing.  Just so you know, for me  writing an exhibit proposal is not a fun thing to do .  It was four days of researching,  writing, rewriting and  condensing  to one page all my thoughts was how I spent four full last week. 

So it was meals on the fly and no reading for me.  Last night when I had an hour to read, it took me several pages of reading, beginning with where I had left off to get my brain to recall the jest of the book I was reading and what had happened in the tale to the point where I had picked it up. 
I did get my acceptance letter from the Mancuso show so Hibiscus is going to West Palm Beach.  . 

I am going to try really hard to get in some quilting this week on the last remain painting I did several months ago.  So if I promise to show you what I have done come this time next week I will  make every effort to get to it.  So check in next Sunday.  If anything else come up in the mean time that is of interest, I'll blog.