Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's not that I'm not doing much

that I haven't blogged but rather more that I'm doing a lot.  Despite the lot, not any of it is  worth taking a picture of to post here.  To that point I am not sure if I will have anything worthy of documenting in digital format for at least a week are so unless you want to see me sitting at this computer trying to find the best prices on paint brushes, silk broadcloth and other stuff I need to make the kits for my two upcoming classes. 

Not sure if I mentioned that I have been asked to curate an exhibit at a college here in central Florida but I decided to see what I could come up with and I did quite readily.  The hard part, getting my vision down in writing.  Just so you know, for me  writing an exhibit proposal is not a fun thing to do .  It was four days of researching,  writing, rewriting and  condensing  to one page all my thoughts was how I spent four full last week. 

So it was meals on the fly and no reading for me.  Last night when I had an hour to read, it took me several pages of reading, beginning with where I had left off to get my brain to recall the jest of the book I was reading and what had happened in the tale to the point where I had picked it up. 
I did get my acceptance letter from the Mancuso show so Hibiscus is going to West Palm Beach.  . 

I am going to try really hard to get in some quilting this week on the last remain painting I did several months ago.  So if I promise to show you what I have done come this time next week I will  make every effort to get to it.  So check in next Sunday.  If anything else come up in the mean time that is of interest, I'll blog.

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Carol said...

I just love your quilting. It is awesome. Thanks for giving me a pleasant eyeful for today.