Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

pretty much sums up the last few days.  As I was downloading images from my camera I had forgotten that I had taken several shot of the sky, the portion I could see from my window about a week ago.  The sun was setting and a storm was brewing. Yet it was a beautiful sky. 
Yesterday I stopped for a cup of coffee at Mc D's on my way to a gathering of quilters and noticed these flowers and just because my camera was at hand they got their picture taken.
There were 10 ladies that came to help sew the block for the quilt guilds charity quilt that will be raffled with the winning ticket to be drawn at the 2013 Log Cabin Quilter Quilt Show.
Not wanting to haul my sewing machine I volunteered to hand applique the center circle to each block as it was completed.  The blocks were constructed with paper foundation piecing and the traditional method of sewing curved pieces together.  We had 9 block completely finished by the time we started shutting down the sewing day at 2:30.  I brought 6 block home that still needed the center circle applied, which I finished doing as I watched some prime time TV programs that I had recorded from their original airing time over the past week.
Here is a closer look at some of the blocks and not in the order they will be joined.  It's going to be a very colorful quilt and of course the final layout can't be done without a design wall
Rene' arrived in Louisville safely about dinner time yesterday, so the mother worrying part of me care freely went to sleep last night. 
Plans for today: I'm off to the movies to see Captain America, do a little marketing since I am out of a few items like coffee, toilet paper and yogurt.  Have been quilting on a previously finished painted piece. 

Might check in about mid-week if anything happens here worth blogging about since most of next week will be spent quilting or  getting myself organized to leave for Atlanta on Friday to teach there next Saturday. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Additional pieces from the closet

The above four pieces are some of my mid 90's pieces.  All four are hand quilted.  Images one, two and four were semi-finalist in AQS/Paducah shows.  Number three was created for and featured in a Public television segment about Kentucky craftsmen and artisans.  I was the featured Kentucky quilt maker.  For compete information, detail images, sizes and prices, click on Quilt sale page 2 at the top the page.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Out of the closet Quilt Sale

Things are changing all over the place as far as "the girls" in my family are concerned.
The youngest granddaughter is back home and getting ready for school to start.  The oldest granddaughter will be entering Emerson College in a few weeks, not far from home.  Providence to Boston is not a long trip.
Rene' is making lists and checking off things as she needs to get done before she is off to  Louisville at the end of the week to start her new job on August 1.  Last weekend she was successful in finding a place to live close to where she will be working.

My daughter is what prompted the out of the closet Quilt Sales, in part due to me leaving about a dozen or so quilts with her in Missouri when I packed up and moved.  Some of the pieces I left where hanging on the walls in the house we shared  that she wanted to continue to live with.  Lack of room on my part was the reason I left her with the others. They were rolled and stored in her closet but it is time for them to find new homes.
So in our conversations back and forth about what she should keep and what I want her to keep I have decided to sale the above pieces and some others  because she is packing up her house and preparing to move.
 Guess where? 
To Florida and into Rene's condo.  She will continue to attend college and search for a job. 
As I find pictures of the others quilts that I want to sell at my online garage/moving sale I will post them
So it looks like in a month, maybe less that I will still have a "let's go to the movies today" daughter near by.
Prices, sizes and information about each of the quilts pictured in the collage above are on the stand alone page if you are interested click on the page at the top of the blog.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting is done

Finished the painting part of this piece on Tuesday evening and spent a lot of yesterday thinking of what next. I have two yards of silk broadcloth dry and ready to go. While I was thinking creatively yesterday I was also thinking business and spent some time sitting at the laptop ordering supplies for the painting class I am teaching in Atlanta. I was told on Monday that the class was full (20) which is the largest class I have taught this process to since putting it on my classes to teach list.
So when I really think about it I might not get to start something new certainly not two somethings before I have to get busy assembling the kits for this class.
Good news for Rene' not so much for me. My daughter Rene' has accepted a job in our home town of Louisville, KY and will start this new job on August 1. And NO I have no plans to return to Louisville now or in the future. I really love living here. But I will miss her and miss our "going to the movie dates" and our "lets run around doing nothing really special dates" or "art festival dates"
It took me a few hours to get over the sad, but I am a grown woman who is perfectly capable of doing these things by myself. Plus she is keeping her condo so she will be back on holiday/vacations, etc.   Best of all her new job requires a lot of travel , which she LOVES doing and I know in the past when she has had this type of job I benefited from it, because when she goes to a city she thinks I should see she invites me to come along and check it out. Who knows when or to where I will be traveling to in the future.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Today's progress

Got up with painting on my agenda for today and worked til lunch when the overriding urge to stop and go see Harry Potter came upon me.  So off I went to sit in the dark with more people than I thought would be off from work at 12:20 on a Monday.
Then I came home to a late lunch and a little more painting and a nap.  After that the phone rang and that put an end to my painting until Olivia came through the door at 6:30 PM wanting to go to the pool.  So off we went her with a towel in her bathing suit and me with a cup of ice tea and my Nook.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday report

Here are Rene' and Olivia at Sea World. petting a dolphin yesterday and this is what I got done today along with doing some grocery shopping and reading another David Baldacci fiction "First Family" That's all for now.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Since last checking in

Olivia arrived and has been filling my time.  Here she is at Bethune Cookman University with me as we checked out the gallery space where I will have some work on exhibit from Sept. 23 (opening reception date) through Jan. 2012.  Not sure of end date since I do not have the contract in my hands as yet.  I will have ten of these 4' x 8' feet sections to fill.  I will be sharing the exhibit space with
Grace, pictured below.  She is a silk painter and garment maker.  She will be exhibiting some of her wearable art created with  her painted silk as well as some whole cloth compositional silk yardage. 

I haven't had a lot of condensed time to work since the third of July.  Olivia has been taking a lot of my time as well as a couple of out of the house commitments, like doctor office visit, grocery shopping, just doings.  Its not that I have to entertain Olivia, she is quite self sufficient.  If only she could drive :)  She goes to Sports camp from 9 to 3 so it seemed to me by the time I get back home from driving her there, have breakfast, do a chore or two it was time for lunch and then it time to drive back to get her.   She is a "fish"  or mermaid I've spent hours sitting at poolside, reading books while she frolicked in the pool.

Today Olivia and Rene' are at Sea World. 
Oh joy oh joy!
I've had the whole day to myself.   I started a new painting this morning.  This is what I've done today along with, in the making art department, make fresh batch of raw soy milk, soak a 2 yard length of silk broadcloth and hang it to dry with hopes of getting two more paintings done next week. Then on to, not leaving to the very last minute, I should be putting a quilt show quality binding on the piece that was accepted into the AQS/Iowa show along with sleeves and a label. In order to get the piece done enough to get it photographed and entry in in time, I put on a very temporary binding, one that definely would not pass mustard on close inspection.  I know that is a lot on my plate but I'm hoping to get it done since Olivia will attend an all day gymnastic program next week from 9-6.  Rene will do both the delivery and pick up since it is on her way to her office.  The  extra hours and not having grandmother duties will allow me to be more productive. I hope.

Tomorrow we are off to Disney World, yeah, my first trip to see the Mouse.  

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Good news

comes in many forms and sizes.
Good news number one: My small piece titles "By way of the Cross" entered in Scared Threads was purchased. (See blog entry dated Feb.22, 2011) if you want to see the piece I am referring to.
Good news number two: My piece "Blue Snowdrops" was accepted in AQS/Iowa so I need to get a show ready binding put on the piece along with my leave to the last minute chore of sewing on a sleeve and label. (see blog entry dated May 23, 2011) if you want to see the piece I am referring to.
Good news number three: I finished the painting phase of my last piece. Not sure if I will begin quilting it or not.  My easel is still in the middle of my space at the moment, i just might go ahead and paint two or three more pieces for the exhibit at Bethune Cookman University I will be part of to get all the painting done.
Good news number four. The birds. I've had one or two of these birds come to visit my balcony plantings at least once a day for a few weeks but was never close enough to my camera to get a picture of them. But today as I was uploading the image of the completed painted top (cropped) I noticed the birds out of the corner of my eye. Not being a bird person I have no idea what kind they are, but I do enjoy their cheerful tweeting in the garden when the slider is open first thing in the morning.
I hoping the weather improves for tomorrows shuttle flight, but have my doubts along with the weatherman here.
Will let you know if it goes off and I get some pictures.  Otherwise I will take you along with me as I look at the gallery space at Bethune Cookman University which is the other thing on my agenda for tomorrow.
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Monday, July 04, 2011

A liitle more done

Posted by PicasaA little progress was made on this piece yesterday, but  not as much as I got up with plans of have done by days end.  For most of the day I read and waited.  The little painting I did got done right after breakfast while I waited for Rene and Olivia to come over after their trip to the market to stock up on food  a 10 year old needs/wants to eat while she is here. 
Then I sat by the pool and read while I waited for Olivia to tire of swimming.   (No a ten year old NEVER tires)  I had to call time when my nook was running out of battery power.  Then I read some more while  Rene and Olivia took in the sites and doings going on at the lake.  Then I read and waited and talked to the two of them while we waited for 6:30 and the festivities that were planned for the residents and guest on the roof top. (7th floor level of the garage)  There was plenty of food.  Grilled hamburger and wieners with all the trimmings, potato salad and slaw, baked beans and corn on the cob along with and assortment of drinks.  Plus music.
DJ and food; a real celebration.  The tables from the garden and the pool were carried to the roof, shelter tents were set up for shade area since the sun was at full force.  After eating and conversing with some of my neighbors.  I returned to my apartment while Rene and Olivia went back to the lake.  Then we waited til dark and made our way back to the roof to get a view of the fireworks being set off at the lake.   Standing on the roof seven stories up it felt like you could reach up and touch them they as they exploded over head.  Then with a turn of your head, looking south, west and east you could see the fireworks being set off in some of the surrounding smaller communities too.  Spectacular.
Today being the Fourth, I have no real plans for today.  Rene and Olivia are off to the movies and back to the market.  Stuff needed for sack lunches for Olivia and long pants to were while ice skating.  We have enrolled Olivia into a sports activity program for three days this week and ice skating is on the schedule of activities.  On Friday  she and I will go over to the coast so she can see the launch of the last shuttle on Friday.
Olivia met a girl at the pool yesterday who is her age and learned she is enrolled in a gymnastics summer activity program so she we will enroll her in that for week two of her month long visit with us.  And see how it goes after that.
That's life as it is here in apartment 434.  For all who came to visit my blog today.  Have a wonderful Holiday.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

I'm not saying my whining yesterday

was the reason I woke to sunshine this morning. However, when I did my mood was immediately lightened. Out of the bed I slide, smiling. Yes slide. Those who know me know how far off the floor my bed sits. I need a two step step stool to get in it and the easiest and quickest way out is to slide off the side.
Well enough about the bed. Seeing the sunshine my mind went instantly into planning mode. After breakfast, I repositioned the fabric on my easel and started on the two leaves on the far left.
That done and before I started on a flower I wanted to get outside in the sunshine.  So a trip into Orlando was on the agenda.  I have wanted to try a new product by Daniel Smith (Watercolor Ground) that allows you to paint on non-paper/fabric surfaces with watercolor pigments. So after calling ahead to see if Sam Flax a new to Orlando art supply store that I went to about a month ago carried it, I was out on my way. I also wanted to try adding Ox Gall to the soy milk I use in place of water to dilute my watercolor pigments. Ox Gall is said to extend the wet period of watercolor paint and make water color paint flow better. I was also on the look out for some product I could use to mask out small areas.  A product  that didn't  need to be removed from the fabric after the painting was done and also would and would change the hand of the fabric.. I picked up a Woody 3 in 1 Stabilo brand pencil. That can be used like a crayon or wet as in water color pencil. Tried it on a sample and it did a really good job of masking out water color paint when it was brushed over the area. The pencils come in several different colors.... HMMMM, might have to add several of those colors to my studio stash.
On the way home from Sam Flax I planned to stop at Joann's in my neighborhood. I needed  batting.  Two weeks ago I finally came to the end of the bolt I brought with me from Missouri.   And I needed some felt. Thank goodness for coupons. Both felt and batting have gone up at least $2.00 a yard since the last time I checked the prices. The felt was on sale, 30% off and I had a 40% off coupon that I used for the batting plus a 10% off "your entire purchase", which made for a good savings.
I never made it to the Joann's closest to my place, instead I mis-directed myself, took a different to me route home and discovered another Joann's on the way as I was trying to getting myself back on the right course for home.
I have been following Rene' and Olivia's progress. They left Louisville early this morning and went through Atlanta. Their last report had them south of the Florida State line about two hours ago but not yet in Gainsville.
The sun shone all day and not a drop of rain. YES!!!!!!!
Here are images of my progress for today.
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Friday, July 01, 2011

I've had my cheese, now for some whine

When I left the cold north for the sunny south, I thought my days of living with SAD (seasonal affect disorder) was a thing of the past. For all the months I've lived here leading up to last month (June) even when there was rain in the  forecast, it seemed that I would  woke to a sunny morning or the clouds would dissipate somewhere around noon, or it would cloud up and pour about 4 in the afternoon and then stop and the sky would clear and the sun would return.  No SAD.
 But starting about the first of last month, I have been waking to cloudy skies; living with cloudy skies for most of the day, then the rains come.   Heavy at times and at other times not so.  There have been threatening sky that spawn tornadoes but none touching down near by.  Sometimes it just a much needed steady rain. So who am I to complain about that.   We do suffer brush and forest fires here and in some areas so far this year there have been many.  Sometimes with the rain there is lightening and thunder but in most cases, its just the wet stuff.  But for me sadly for the last month the sky have never totally cleared for long. 
From the inside looking out it looks like a northern winter if not for the palm trees.  It is only when I go outside into the humidity and heat and see flowers blooming does my head stop wanting to think cold and winter.
So today when the sky was grey and all I wanted to do was curl up with a book on my Nook (the fifth of the Camel Club series) and a cup of tea I decide after lunch to get out of the house and lose myself in a movie.  I went to see Transformers 3: Dark side of the moon. I know, I know, but it was fun and I enjoyed it. It rained while I was in the theatre and it continues to mist rain even now.
I am not sad to say I did not make the July 1 deadline for a piece I planned  to send to Houston. Despite my all out effort to create a piece that incorporated words I could not produce a piece that was "me". Me is color, me is flowers, me is more and more in love with painting using watercolor pigments and soy milk soaked silk broadcloth. Me just needs to accept that and not make work to a theme unless it is 'my" theme" and go with it.
Now that I am working on something that makes me happy I thought I would share my progress as I work on it. The piece measures 45" long by 60 " wide, but quilting and cropping will bring it done a few inches in both directions when I am done. I will be part of the exhibit I will be doing at Bethune Cookman University in September, 2011. I am driving up to Daytona  on the 8th to look at the gallery space so I have an idea if I have enough work for the commitment or if I have to really get busy, turn on a lot of lights in the apartment and forget about the lack of sunshine outside.
My youngest granddaughter Olivia is coming to visit for the month of July and will arrive on Sunday in time for the big fireworks display at the lake. Last year's show was really great. I'm sure this year will be the same. They are expecting over 200,000 people to crowd into the Uptown Altamonte area.  If it doesn't rain, I'm sure they will hit that number.
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