Thursday, July 07, 2011

Good news

comes in many forms and sizes.
Good news number one: My small piece titles "By way of the Cross" entered in Scared Threads was purchased. (See blog entry dated Feb.22, 2011) if you want to see the piece I am referring to.
Good news number two: My piece "Blue Snowdrops" was accepted in AQS/Iowa so I need to get a show ready binding put on the piece along with my leave to the last minute chore of sewing on a sleeve and label. (see blog entry dated May 23, 2011) if you want to see the piece I am referring to.
Good news number three: I finished the painting phase of my last piece. Not sure if I will begin quilting it or not.  My easel is still in the middle of my space at the moment, i just might go ahead and paint two or three more pieces for the exhibit at Bethune Cookman University I will be part of to get all the painting done.
Good news number four. The birds. I've had one or two of these birds come to visit my balcony plantings at least once a day for a few weeks but was never close enough to my camera to get a picture of them. But today as I was uploading the image of the completed painted top (cropped) I noticed the birds out of the corner of my eye. Not being a bird person I have no idea what kind they are, but I do enjoy their cheerful tweeting in the garden when the slider is open first thing in the morning.
I hoping the weather improves for tomorrows shuttle flight, but have my doubts along with the weatherman here.
Will let you know if it goes off and I get some pictures.  Otherwise I will take you along with me as I look at the gallery space at Bethune Cookman University which is the other thing on my agenda for tomorrow.
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I was thinking of you and Olivia yesterday...hope the 2 of you made it!