Saturday, July 02, 2011

I'm not saying my whining yesterday

was the reason I woke to sunshine this morning. However, when I did my mood was immediately lightened. Out of the bed I slide, smiling. Yes slide. Those who know me know how far off the floor my bed sits. I need a two step step stool to get in it and the easiest and quickest way out is to slide off the side.
Well enough about the bed. Seeing the sunshine my mind went instantly into planning mode. After breakfast, I repositioned the fabric on my easel and started on the two leaves on the far left.
That done and before I started on a flower I wanted to get outside in the sunshine.  So a trip into Orlando was on the agenda.  I have wanted to try a new product by Daniel Smith (Watercolor Ground) that allows you to paint on non-paper/fabric surfaces with watercolor pigments. So after calling ahead to see if Sam Flax a new to Orlando art supply store that I went to about a month ago carried it, I was out on my way. I also wanted to try adding Ox Gall to the soy milk I use in place of water to dilute my watercolor pigments. Ox Gall is said to extend the wet period of watercolor paint and make water color paint flow better. I was also on the look out for some product I could use to mask out small areas.  A product  that didn't  need to be removed from the fabric after the painting was done and also would and would change the hand of the fabric.. I picked up a Woody 3 in 1 Stabilo brand pencil. That can be used like a crayon or wet as in water color pencil. Tried it on a sample and it did a really good job of masking out water color paint when it was brushed over the area. The pencils come in several different colors.... HMMMM, might have to add several of those colors to my studio stash.
On the way home from Sam Flax I planned to stop at Joann's in my neighborhood. I needed  batting.  Two weeks ago I finally came to the end of the bolt I brought with me from Missouri.   And I needed some felt. Thank goodness for coupons. Both felt and batting have gone up at least $2.00 a yard since the last time I checked the prices. The felt was on sale, 30% off and I had a 40% off coupon that I used for the batting plus a 10% off "your entire purchase", which made for a good savings.
I never made it to the Joann's closest to my place, instead I mis-directed myself, took a different to me route home and discovered another Joann's on the way as I was trying to getting myself back on the right course for home.
I have been following Rene' and Olivia's progress. They left Louisville early this morning and went through Atlanta. Their last report had them south of the Florida State line about two hours ago but not yet in Gainsville.
The sun shone all day and not a drop of rain. YES!!!!!!!
Here are images of my progress for today.
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Susan Turney said...

Beautiful, Juanita! I can't wait to see more of the progression. I'm happy it's finally sunny again and you're back "at it"!

Carol said...

See you're getting more details in the flowers. That must be a rose, and it definitely looks lovely.