Monday, July 25, 2011

Out of the closet Quilt Sale

Things are changing all over the place as far as "the girls" in my family are concerned.
The youngest granddaughter is back home and getting ready for school to start.  The oldest granddaughter will be entering Emerson College in a few weeks, not far from home.  Providence to Boston is not a long trip.
Rene' is making lists and checking off things as she needs to get done before she is off to  Louisville at the end of the week to start her new job on August 1.  Last weekend she was successful in finding a place to live close to where she will be working.

My daughter is what prompted the out of the closet Quilt Sales, in part due to me leaving about a dozen or so quilts with her in Missouri when I packed up and moved.  Some of the pieces I left where hanging on the walls in the house we shared  that she wanted to continue to live with.  Lack of room on my part was the reason I left her with the others. They were rolled and stored in her closet but it is time for them to find new homes.
So in our conversations back and forth about what she should keep and what I want her to keep I have decided to sale the above pieces and some others  because she is packing up her house and preparing to move.
 Guess where? 
To Florida and into Rene's condo.  She will continue to attend college and search for a job. 
As I find pictures of the others quilts that I want to sell at my online garage/moving sale I will post them
So it looks like in a month, maybe less that I will still have a "let's go to the movies today" daughter near by.
Prices, sizes and information about each of the quilts pictured in the collage above are on the stand alone page if you are interested click on the page at the top of the blog.

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