Saturday, July 16, 2011

Since last checking in

Olivia arrived and has been filling my time.  Here she is at Bethune Cookman University with me as we checked out the gallery space where I will have some work on exhibit from Sept. 23 (opening reception date) through Jan. 2012.  Not sure of end date since I do not have the contract in my hands as yet.  I will have ten of these 4' x 8' feet sections to fill.  I will be sharing the exhibit space with
Grace, pictured below.  She is a silk painter and garment maker.  She will be exhibiting some of her wearable art created with  her painted silk as well as some whole cloth compositional silk yardage. 

I haven't had a lot of condensed time to work since the third of July.  Olivia has been taking a lot of my time as well as a couple of out of the house commitments, like doctor office visit, grocery shopping, just doings.  Its not that I have to entertain Olivia, she is quite self sufficient.  If only she could drive :)  She goes to Sports camp from 9 to 3 so it seemed to me by the time I get back home from driving her there, have breakfast, do a chore or two it was time for lunch and then it time to drive back to get her.   She is a "fish"  or mermaid I've spent hours sitting at poolside, reading books while she frolicked in the pool.

Today Olivia and Rene' are at Sea World. 
Oh joy oh joy!
I've had the whole day to myself.   I started a new painting this morning.  This is what I've done today along with, in the making art department, make fresh batch of raw soy milk, soak a 2 yard length of silk broadcloth and hang it to dry with hopes of getting two more paintings done next week. Then on to, not leaving to the very last minute, I should be putting a quilt show quality binding on the piece that was accepted into the AQS/Iowa show along with sleeves and a label. In order to get the piece done enough to get it photographed and entry in in time, I put on a very temporary binding, one that definely would not pass mustard on close inspection.  I know that is a lot on my plate but I'm hoping to get it done since Olivia will attend an all day gymnastic program next week from 9-6.  Rene will do both the delivery and pick up since it is on her way to her office.  The  extra hours and not having grandmother duties will allow me to be more productive. I hope.

Tomorrow we are off to Disney World, yeah, my first trip to see the Mouse.  

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Michele said...

Congratulations on your showing! I know everyone will enjoy seeing your art in person. As pretty as it is in pictures, we quilters love being up close and personal. Your work is amazing. Have fun at Disney! It's a magical place.