Monday, July 04, 2011

A liitle more done

Posted by PicasaA little progress was made on this piece yesterday, but  not as much as I got up with plans of have done by days end.  For most of the day I read and waited.  The little painting I did got done right after breakfast while I waited for Rene and Olivia to come over after their trip to the market to stock up on food  a 10 year old needs/wants to eat while she is here. 
Then I sat by the pool and read while I waited for Olivia to tire of swimming.   (No a ten year old NEVER tires)  I had to call time when my nook was running out of battery power.  Then I read some more while  Rene and Olivia took in the sites and doings going on at the lake.  Then I read and waited and talked to the two of them while we waited for 6:30 and the festivities that were planned for the residents and guest on the roof top. (7th floor level of the garage)  There was plenty of food.  Grilled hamburger and wieners with all the trimmings, potato salad and slaw, baked beans and corn on the cob along with and assortment of drinks.  Plus music.
DJ and food; a real celebration.  The tables from the garden and the pool were carried to the roof, shelter tents were set up for shade area since the sun was at full force.  After eating and conversing with some of my neighbors.  I returned to my apartment while Rene and Olivia went back to the lake.  Then we waited til dark and made our way back to the roof to get a view of the fireworks being set off at the lake.   Standing on the roof seven stories up it felt like you could reach up and touch them they as they exploded over head.  Then with a turn of your head, looking south, west and east you could see the fireworks being set off in some of the surrounding smaller communities too.  Spectacular.
Today being the Fourth, I have no real plans for today.  Rene and Olivia are off to the movies and back to the market.  Stuff needed for sack lunches for Olivia and long pants to were while ice skating.  We have enrolled Olivia into a sports activity program for three days this week and ice skating is on the schedule of activities.  On Friday  she and I will go over to the coast so she can see the launch of the last shuttle on Friday.
Olivia met a girl at the pool yesterday who is her age and learned she is enrolled in a gymnastics summer activity program so she we will enroll her in that for week two of her month long visit with us.  And see how it goes after that.
That's life as it is here in apartment 434.  For all who came to visit my blog today.  Have a wonderful Holiday.

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Karoda said...

Enjoy your time with certainly sounds like she will have an unforgettable month with you and Rene!