Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

pretty much sums up the last few days.  As I was downloading images from my camera I had forgotten that I had taken several shot of the sky, the portion I could see from my window about a week ago.  The sun was setting and a storm was brewing. Yet it was a beautiful sky. 
Yesterday I stopped for a cup of coffee at Mc D's on my way to a gathering of quilters and noticed these flowers and just because my camera was at hand they got their picture taken.
There were 10 ladies that came to help sew the block for the quilt guilds charity quilt that will be raffled with the winning ticket to be drawn at the 2013 Log Cabin Quilter Quilt Show.
Not wanting to haul my sewing machine I volunteered to hand applique the center circle to each block as it was completed.  The blocks were constructed with paper foundation piecing and the traditional method of sewing curved pieces together.  We had 9 block completely finished by the time we started shutting down the sewing day at 2:30.  I brought 6 block home that still needed the center circle applied, which I finished doing as I watched some prime time TV programs that I had recorded from their original airing time over the past week.
Here is a closer look at some of the blocks and not in the order they will be joined.  It's going to be a very colorful quilt and of course the final layout can't be done without a design wall
Rene' arrived in Louisville safely about dinner time yesterday, so the mother worrying part of me care freely went to sleep last night. 
Plans for today: I'm off to the movies to see Captain America, do a little marketing since I am out of a few items like coffee, toilet paper and yogurt.  Have been quilting on a previously finished painted piece. 

Might check in about mid-week if anything happens here worth blogging about since most of next week will be spent quilting or  getting myself organized to leave for Atlanta on Friday to teach there next Saturday. 

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