Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My latest venture out and about

on my own with Olivia in tow brought me to this art supply store about 5 miles up the or down the road. Not sure which is appropriate for where I am staying. Up or down, I just know driving in the direction Rene' says leads back to Orlando and eventually the airport, the long way.

When I couldn't locate the Pearl Art Supply Store that I found listed as a result of my Internet search, I was told my a very helpful sales person in Calico Corner's that Pearl had gone out of business several months ago. When I asked if there was some place besides Michael's, to buy art supplies in the area she said there were two. The one she preferred was a little further up or down the road from were I was and the other and larger one, an equal distance away but on route 17/92.
Not wanting to get lost I decided I wouldn't attempt to find the second one she mentioned, but promised myself that I would check it out the next time I am here.

Staying on the same road toward Orlando Route 436, Art Systems was easy to find and I decided for now, that this store seemed to have everything that I generally use, including a supply of procion dyes. Of course, I would have to be in an extremely desperate situation to buy a jar instead of waiting for an order to arrive direct from Pro Chemical.

I was over joyed to find that they also carry my favorite brand of paint brushes and that they give both student and instructor discounts. How great is that.


The humidity was noticeably lower today and no rain, so a trip to the garden to knit was in order while Rene and Olivia went off to bowl.
I will be on my way back to Louisville on Thursday. Sadly, only one more day of walking around the lake. I'm going to miss doing that.

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On the subject of what's happening with me and art. I got a phone call yesterday notifying me that I was selected to hang some of my quilts in Ann Arbor, Michigan for two months beginning Feb. 12, 2010. Yea!!!!
I will let you know more details when I get home and read the official notification complete with gallery configuration information (wall height and running feet measurements). I think if I work hard I should be able to get 4-6 new pieces completed before the first of Feb. What do you think?

Friday, July 24, 2009

I drove east on Interstate 4 to Deland

this morning and did not get lost thanks to directions from Map quest. Rene has a GPS system in her car but I being unfamiliar with the device chose to stay with the method I know best. It was really a very direct path with only a right turn out of the garage, a left at the next corner and right onto the main street that lead to the on ramp to I-4 in less than half a mile.

I think about 20 miles later I got off at exit 114 which by turning left I drove directly to the Museum of Florida Art which was located across the street from Stenson University in Deland, Florida. Easy.

Along with the "Eye of the Needle: Fiber art by Katherine K. Allen, Eleanor A. McCain and Barbara Walter, there were two other exhibits there. Oleda: Naive Art, you can view some of her work here. The second exhibit on the first floor was large painted unstretched canvas pieces created by Carl Knickerbocker
By way of the elevator I made my way to the second floor. Here are a few images of what I saw and enjoyed.

On the way back I decided to do a little exploring on my own and drove along the main street to see where all of my favorite places were located. I know Barnes and Nobles is in walking distance, but I located Borders.

In Columbia, I am not ashamed to admit I shop at Wally World,(after all, we have three Super Walmarts all with in 6 -8 miles of our house) But here, I don't think WalMart will see me often. I drove quite a far piece from Rene's before I located one on the main street. She says there is one closer but harder to get to when you are unfamiliar with the streets. On the way back toward Rene's I decided to treat myself to a late lunch out and because I was on the phone talking to my friend Kathy A. I passed Bahama Breeze before I knew it.

I settled on Jason's Deli a block from Rene's. Rene' and Olivia walked over and joined me there after I called to ask if they wanted me to bring them something for later.
The line to eat-in was really long. No one was in the carry out orders line, so I reconsidered and ordered carry-out. There isn't a Jason's Deli in Columbia and one very recently opened in Louisville which I have not visited. So this was new.
I am very careful of what I order and eat when out, due to the fact my body HATES wheat. So being me, I asked if their tomatoe basil soup had wheat in it and was told that all of their soup did with the exception of the vegetarian vegetable and the french onion. Me knowing that most french onion soup comes with a piece of bread on the top and melted cheese, I chose the vegetarian vegetable. WRONG, it wasn't thickened with wheat, no, no, but it was loaded with shell shaped pasta. DUH!!!!!!
The baked potato was good and enough for two meals. I regret that I by-passed the make it yourself salad bar. Next time I will know not to order soup or just order the steamed vegtables. Steamed veggies are always a safe bet especially if not loaded with butter.

Yes I am still counting calories and I was back on the treadmill yesterday and today. I think tomorrow I will walk the lake path.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is a

view I can get used to. This is the court yard where the pool is located. There is a comparable space on the other side of the garage that is a garden with seating. Very serene. I've enjoyed going there to read and knit while here.
I've put driving to Deland on hold until Friday. So if you are looking to see something guilty you will have to wait until then. In the mean time I returned to the lake to walk this morning and knitted while Olivia played in the pool. Excitement abounds......
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Things are rolling right along

here in Florida. Yesterday I had planned to drive to Deland to see an art quilt exhibit, "Eye of the Needle" in a gallery there. But Olivia was having a "do I have to get up now" morning. Being the Grand mom, I said no and let her sleep in. About noon we went to the pool instead and later walked to the Subway for very late lunch followed by a visit to Cold Stone Creamery. She got strawberry and chocolate ice cream in a waffle bowl with Reese's pieces and chunks of Snickers, I got unsweetened "tart and tangy" frozen yogurt, YUM!!!
Later when Rene go home from work we went to the bowling alley. I sat and knitted. Then it was off to the Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.
I am still enjoying my three laps around the lake which I do on Tuesday. However on Monday it rained and I took the elevator to the seventh floor of Rene's apartment building instead and walked on one of three treadmills in the exercise room.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The sun comes up,

the clouds roll in, then it rains and after a period the sun returns. I getting use to the weather pattern here.
Yesterday I walked around the lake three times. I was up and out an hour earlier than I was on Friday. I was pleased that the temperature was about 10 degress less but can't say the humidty was any kinder. The first mile is the hardest... there is still pain... the second better and by the third mile I can up the pace.
I visited a church in the neighborhood for Saturday Mass and was pleased with the warmth of those there and plan to return there for services while here.
While I churched, Rene and Olivia went to the food market.
After the groceries were put away we went to the Science Museum for the Mr.Potato Head and the Grossology exhibit.
While these two exhibit were interesting, the Mr. Potatto Head one was too young in concept and hands on activities for Olivia and the Grossology exhibit wasn't exactly what I had thought it would be. (not gross). However there were other interesting exhibits and things to see and try in the Museum that kept us there and Olivia entertained for over two hours. I forgot the camera, so no pictures.

Today we are being a little lazy. Well not really. Rene is taking on-line classes and had a paper that was due today so for most of the morning she had been at her computer. Olivia slept late and now we are trying to decide what to do for the rest of today. I have returned to taking Sunday's off from my exercise routine. So no three mile walk today.

Yesterday we thought a trip to the beach sounded good, but that didn't happen. But I do think we need to go out to get a three way splitter for the computer hook-up. It seems that Rene needs to be on-line at the same time that Olivia would like to be and I want to be, so with one desk top and two lap tops, a splitter will solve the problem for us.

I still haven't solved the problem of why I can not send replies to the e-mails I get. This happened when I was in Louisville and using my ATT connect system in Starbucks but I had no problem when I was in Panera using their free WiFi.
At the hotel in Fayetteville, NC I could send and recieve through their connection , but here at Rene's I can't reply using her cable connect nor the Wifi the apartment complex has for use in public areas (pool and lounge).

I'm knitting to keep my fingers busy, but they are itching to do some sketching so I think a trip out for a sketch book might be in order for today too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

On Thursday my out and about day began with a trip

into Orlando. Olivia wanted to visit the "Wonder House". She remembered having a good time there a year ago. So we went and had a good time. From there we decided go to lunch at the "Wild Tomato"; a fix your own soup/ salad bar place. Not bad.
Here are some sights of the city. I think clicking on the image will enlarge.

After lunch we went to an outlet mall. Rene had some items to return and I looked at bras and t-shirts in the Bali Outlet. From there it was on to Leu Botanical Gardens for a walk about the place. Hot, hot and humid walk about the place. Very few flowers were in bloom. I must return in the fall.
The rose garden was a bit stressed from the heat and had very few blooms that looked in their prime. I took lots of pictures of leaves. Some leaves were very interesting; color, shape and size. One was almost as long as Olivia was tall. She's four feet one inch and weights 52 pounds. She's the only normal sized female who of normal weight for height is in this group of Yeager women according to the Wii which we all tried out.

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After our day out and on the way back Rene showed me were the yarn shop is located and the closest Catholic Church. Neither one I would say are in walking distance, but as the crow flies, not far away at all.

I walked three times around the lake this morning, doing so without difficulty and only the mildest of discomfort in my right leg as I walked the short sections that slanted downward. The inclines were no problems at all.
I have nothing on my agenda for today. Rene and Olivia are going to the market to get food for the week and then bowling. I passed on both of these.
I think I saw a billboard announcing a craft fair or show in Orlando this weekend, so I will investigate that and let you know if I go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I haven't lived very many places in my life

I was born in Louisville, spent some time including part of one high school year in NYC, bouncing in and out of the city to visit relatives who lived in the Bronx, in Brooklyn and Harlem. Once married I settled down and had no plans to live anywhere but in Louisville until as you know three years ago I packed up and moved to Columbia, Missouri.
Despite hating to live out of a suitcase I am a traveler. Up until now preferring the see the good old USA to foreign lands. But even that is changing and I would like to see Rome and Venice.
Because of the traveling for both business and pleasure I have been in many cities in America. Some I have taken an instant liking too and others an instant dislike. Taking for granted that I would always live in Louisville I never gave much thought to whether I liked it or not, it was HOME.
I liked Montreal, but couldn't see myself living there especially when it was cold enought to wear a coat in August the two times I was there. I have been in Miami when it was too hot to do anything but find a cold tub of water to lay in. I love the history of Washington, DC. The sound of the waves hitting the sea wall in Gaveston is something I will always remember as will be the ocean sounds in Maine. However when I let my mind wonder to what if or if I dared, I have been in only two places that made me feel right. The first place was Sedona, AR where I can not afford to live, at least not in the manner I would prefer and the other place is here where my daughter Rene lives, Altamonte Springs, FL. Altamonte Springs is not exactly Orlando as I have been reporting, but more north west of there if my directional compass is right.
I had that "this is so right" feeling the moment I got off the plane. The feeling is still with me this morning. Stay toned to see what I decide to do about this feeling.

My leg/hip and weight bearing is much better and I am walking distances with just a little discomfort. I walked to a nearby shopping Mall yesterday and to the Movie theatre to see Harry Potter and later in the day to Michaels for stitch markers after I had to rip back 8 inches of a lace shawl pattern when I could not find where I had dropped a stitch.
Because I did all that walking without dire results I plan to get back to the treadmill in a few days but will not push it.(There is an exercise room in the complex here were Rene lives.) There is also a lake adjoining the grounds with mile circumferece walking track that I will attempt to walk at least one around tomorrow morning early (like 6AM) before the heat and humidty hits, now that there only the three of us to manage. I need to get back to a routine.
We are off in a few minutues to do some sight seeing. And yes I am taking the camera.

So where do I go from here. Stay toned and see what I decide.

A little self analysis is not a bad thing.

And blogging is proving to be a helpful step in that direction For one, I know I am not a lover of history. What was, WAS. It is history. I know if I don't report on something I do or did as a current event I find no joy in the telling of it. So it seems this is the case with me being in Louisville and the report on the visit to the galleries.
And of course while in Fayetteville, North Carolina, family stuff is just family stuff and while I REALLY enjoyed seeing all the members of the Yeager clan that could make it there, the telling of events which included eating way too much food is not something that needs sharing with the rest of the blog reading world.

Here is a look at some of the art works that peaked my interest on my out and about Thursday.Knowing how I love flowers, here is a poppy sculpture by Jan Sowders that was on exhibit at the EGA (Embroideriers Guild of America) as part of the LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber Textile Asociates)

"Rosebud by Brad Cape, hand embroidered cotton on wool suiting

Here is a look at part of the EGA gallery.
Fault Lines 1 and 2 by Kathleen Loomis and a beaded shell titled "Peace" by Elizabeth Riggle

The other exhibit space I visited was in a hotel and the art throughout was contemperary and rather strange and not at all to my liking with the exception of the telephone/light pole which reminded me of my youth, "Nice" This is in a space between walls of the hotel. Strange that I should find this art work noteworthy which I attribute to me being a resident of Louisville for all but about five years of my live. Louisville was a tobacco/cigarette town for years and this installation blows smoke rings. I think I'll rank it right up there with the giant baseball bat that leans agains the home office of the Louiville Slugger.

I arrived in Orlando on Sunday evening and will be here with my daughter Rene and grand-daughter Olivia until the end of the month. Mike, Mel and Joslyn came with me on Sunday, but as of this hour, they are on a plane, heading back home to Rhode Island.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I arrived in Louisvile on the first of July

Both feet wearing my favorite red Earth Shoe sandals carried me along effortlessly that day and for the next seven days that followed. I walked on the treadmill at the YWCA every day except Sunday and I went to every meeting (both business and pleasure)I'd planned to attend. I made it to every class I taught, (I must say I had really great students although not many of them). Austin's Sewing Center still remains one of my favorite places to teach. I had dinner on the Fourth with my Mom and other relatives and got to smell my baby sister's "famous" lasagna,(which I can no longer eat because of my wheat allergy). I enjoyed my visits to the galleries about Louisville both those I had planned to visit those dropped in at on the spare of the moment.(images of them to follow) Every thing went along swimmingly until it all went south early Thursday morning.

There was PAIN in my right hip. I could not turn over in bed. I could not stand or bear any weight on my right leg. And there I was alone dead bolt locked in.
With effort and sweat I got to the front door and called 911 and was taken to the hospital by EMS.
Something in the hip the doctor said after a CAT Scan and x-rays. An IV of pain meds, and IV injection of a steroid and I was released to go back to my friends condo to sit in her Lazy Boy.
I left the door unlocked and was brought food by a friend and grandsons who still live in Louisville.
On Friday, My friend Karoda drove me to the airport. With a pain pill every 2-3 hours I was able with the aid of a cane to get myself from her car to a wheelchair.From the wheelchair to the plane seat.
My son, my grand-daughter, Mel, my Daughter-n-law, met me in Baltimore and from there we all went to Raleigh, NC. By late on Friday the pain was bearable, but I was still eating the pain meds and sleeping sitting in a chair.


You know despite loving my camera I find it hard to stop interacting with my students and my surrounds long enough to take pictures so until I get better at finding a way to this picture taking thing into my life cycle you will have to put up with more words than images.

However, this is two of my students efforts with dye painting. Emma using an enlarge image of a ginkgo leaf is trying her hand for the first time dye painting. Pat sitting on the floor is very good at painting on silk with Dye-na-flo but was trying her hand at thickened dyes for the first time (I think).

While in Louisville I discovered two new things, One a restaurant "Sharaz" which offered a wonderful variety of Persian dishes on their menu. I ate three meals (lunch, dinner and dinner) in two day prepared by the cooks there in three of the four locations they have. And I was introduced to a new locally owned art supply store. I purchased several compressed tubs of a highly pigments pastel chalk. When I try them out I'll let you know what I think of them.