Thursday, July 16, 2009

I haven't lived very many places in my life

I was born in Louisville, spent some time including part of one high school year in NYC, bouncing in and out of the city to visit relatives who lived in the Bronx, in Brooklyn and Harlem. Once married I settled down and had no plans to live anywhere but in Louisville until as you know three years ago I packed up and moved to Columbia, Missouri.
Despite hating to live out of a suitcase I am a traveler. Up until now preferring the see the good old USA to foreign lands. But even that is changing and I would like to see Rome and Venice.
Because of the traveling for both business and pleasure I have been in many cities in America. Some I have taken an instant liking too and others an instant dislike. Taking for granted that I would always live in Louisville I never gave much thought to whether I liked it or not, it was HOME.
I liked Montreal, but couldn't see myself living there especially when it was cold enought to wear a coat in August the two times I was there. I have been in Miami when it was too hot to do anything but find a cold tub of water to lay in. I love the history of Washington, DC. The sound of the waves hitting the sea wall in Gaveston is something I will always remember as will be the ocean sounds in Maine. However when I let my mind wonder to what if or if I dared, I have been in only two places that made me feel right. The first place was Sedona, AR where I can not afford to live, at least not in the manner I would prefer and the other place is here where my daughter Rene lives, Altamonte Springs, FL. Altamonte Springs is not exactly Orlando as I have been reporting, but more north west of there if my directional compass is right.
I had that "this is so right" feeling the moment I got off the plane. The feeling is still with me this morning. Stay toned to see what I decide to do about this feeling.

My leg/hip and weight bearing is much better and I am walking distances with just a little discomfort. I walked to a nearby shopping Mall yesterday and to the Movie theatre to see Harry Potter and later in the day to Michaels for stitch markers after I had to rip back 8 inches of a lace shawl pattern when I could not find where I had dropped a stitch.
Because I did all that walking without dire results I plan to get back to the treadmill in a few days but will not push it.(There is an exercise room in the complex here were Rene lives.) There is also a lake adjoining the grounds with mile circumferece walking track that I will attempt to walk at least one around tomorrow morning early (like 6AM) before the heat and humidty hits, now that there only the three of us to manage. I need to get back to a routine.
We are off in a few minutues to do some sight seeing. And yes I am taking the camera.

So where do I go from here. Stay toned and see what I decide.

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Karoda said...

Great to hear the pain has subsided! But do take it easy!