Friday, July 24, 2009

I drove east on Interstate 4 to Deland

this morning and did not get lost thanks to directions from Map quest. Rene has a GPS system in her car but I being unfamiliar with the device chose to stay with the method I know best. It was really a very direct path with only a right turn out of the garage, a left at the next corner and right onto the main street that lead to the on ramp to I-4 in less than half a mile.

I think about 20 miles later I got off at exit 114 which by turning left I drove directly to the Museum of Florida Art which was located across the street from Stenson University in Deland, Florida. Easy.

Along with the "Eye of the Needle: Fiber art by Katherine K. Allen, Eleanor A. McCain and Barbara Walter, there were two other exhibits there. Oleda: Naive Art, you can view some of her work here. The second exhibit on the first floor was large painted unstretched canvas pieces created by Carl Knickerbocker
By way of the elevator I made my way to the second floor. Here are a few images of what I saw and enjoyed.

On the way back I decided to do a little exploring on my own and drove along the main street to see where all of my favorite places were located. I know Barnes and Nobles is in walking distance, but I located Borders.

In Columbia, I am not ashamed to admit I shop at Wally World,(after all, we have three Super Walmarts all with in 6 -8 miles of our house) But here, I don't think WalMart will see me often. I drove quite a far piece from Rene's before I located one on the main street. She says there is one closer but harder to get to when you are unfamiliar with the streets. On the way back toward Rene's I decided to treat myself to a late lunch out and because I was on the phone talking to my friend Kathy A. I passed Bahama Breeze before I knew it.

I settled on Jason's Deli a block from Rene's. Rene' and Olivia walked over and joined me there after I called to ask if they wanted me to bring them something for later.
The line to eat-in was really long. No one was in the carry out orders line, so I reconsidered and ordered carry-out. There isn't a Jason's Deli in Columbia and one very recently opened in Louisville which I have not visited. So this was new.
I am very careful of what I order and eat when out, due to the fact my body HATES wheat. So being me, I asked if their tomatoe basil soup had wheat in it and was told that all of their soup did with the exception of the vegetarian vegetable and the french onion. Me knowing that most french onion soup comes with a piece of bread on the top and melted cheese, I chose the vegetarian vegetable. WRONG, it wasn't thickened with wheat, no, no, but it was loaded with shell shaped pasta. DUH!!!!!!
The baked potato was good and enough for two meals. I regret that I by-passed the make it yourself salad bar. Next time I will know not to order soup or just order the steamed vegtables. Steamed veggies are always a safe bet especially if not loaded with butter.

Yes I am still counting calories and I was back on the treadmill yesterday and today. I think tomorrow I will walk the lake path.

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yarnahoy said...

Each one of these is stunning! Thank you for sharing.