Friday, July 17, 2009

On Thursday my out and about day began with a trip

into Orlando. Olivia wanted to visit the "Wonder House". She remembered having a good time there a year ago. So we went and had a good time. From there we decided go to lunch at the "Wild Tomato"; a fix your own soup/ salad bar place. Not bad.
Here are some sights of the city. I think clicking on the image will enlarge.

After lunch we went to an outlet mall. Rene had some items to return and I looked at bras and t-shirts in the Bali Outlet. From there it was on to Leu Botanical Gardens for a walk about the place. Hot, hot and humid walk about the place. Very few flowers were in bloom. I must return in the fall.
The rose garden was a bit stressed from the heat and had very few blooms that looked in their prime. I took lots of pictures of leaves. Some leaves were very interesting; color, shape and size. One was almost as long as Olivia was tall. She's four feet one inch and weights 52 pounds. She's the only normal sized female who of normal weight for height is in this group of Yeager women according to the Wii which we all tried out.

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After our day out and on the way back Rene showed me were the yarn shop is located and the closest Catholic Church. Neither one I would say are in walking distance, but as the crow flies, not far away at all.

I walked three times around the lake this morning, doing so without difficulty and only the mildest of discomfort in my right leg as I walked the short sections that slanted downward. The inclines were no problems at all.
I have nothing on my agenda for today. Rene and Olivia are going to the market to get food for the week and then bowling. I passed on both of these.
I think I saw a billboard announcing a craft fair or show in Orlando this weekend, so I will investigate that and let you know if I go.


Rayna said...

Glad your walking is coming along without major difficulties. Was that your granddaughter's reflection in the photo? She is gorgeous!
It will be interesting to see whether you are serious about picking up stakes...

juanita Yeager said...

Hi Rayna
Yes that is the face of my youngest grandaughter Oliva in the space suit. She does turn heads. However, because she is spoiled (I know, we did it) she has a little way to go to be as sweet within as she is without,
Will keep you all up to date on my moving. I stop by the leasing office to inquire about vacancies and I did pick up a lease application today. We'll see.