Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little self analysis is not a bad thing.

And blogging is proving to be a helpful step in that direction For one, I know I am not a lover of history. What was, WAS. It is history. I know if I don't report on something I do or did as a current event I find no joy in the telling of it. So it seems this is the case with me being in Louisville and the report on the visit to the galleries.
And of course while in Fayetteville, North Carolina, family stuff is just family stuff and while I REALLY enjoyed seeing all the members of the Yeager clan that could make it there, the telling of events which included eating way too much food is not something that needs sharing with the rest of the blog reading world.

Here is a look at some of the art works that peaked my interest on my out and about Thursday.Knowing how I love flowers, here is a poppy sculpture by Jan Sowders that was on exhibit at the EGA (Embroideriers Guild of America) as part of the LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber Textile Asociates)

"Rosebud by Brad Cape, hand embroidered cotton on wool suiting

Here is a look at part of the EGA gallery.
Fault Lines 1 and 2 by Kathleen Loomis and a beaded shell titled "Peace" by Elizabeth Riggle

The other exhibit space I visited was in a hotel and the art throughout was contemperary and rather strange and not at all to my liking with the exception of the telephone/light pole which reminded me of my youth, "Nice" This is in a space between walls of the hotel. Strange that I should find this art work noteworthy which I attribute to me being a resident of Louisville for all but about five years of my live. Louisville was a tobacco/cigarette town for years and this installation blows smoke rings. I think I'll rank it right up there with the giant baseball bat that leans agains the home office of the Louiville Slugger.

I arrived in Orlando on Sunday evening and will be here with my daughter Rene and grand-daughter Olivia until the end of the month. Mike, Mel and Joslyn came with me on Sunday, but as of this hour, they are on a plane, heading back home to Rhode Island.

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