Saturday, July 11, 2009

I arrived in Louisvile on the first of July

Both feet wearing my favorite red Earth Shoe sandals carried me along effortlessly that day and for the next seven days that followed. I walked on the treadmill at the YWCA every day except Sunday and I went to every meeting (both business and pleasure)I'd planned to attend. I made it to every class I taught, (I must say I had really great students although not many of them). Austin's Sewing Center still remains one of my favorite places to teach. I had dinner on the Fourth with my Mom and other relatives and got to smell my baby sister's "famous" lasagna,(which I can no longer eat because of my wheat allergy). I enjoyed my visits to the galleries about Louisville both those I had planned to visit those dropped in at on the spare of the moment.(images of them to follow) Every thing went along swimmingly until it all went south early Thursday morning.

There was PAIN in my right hip. I could not turn over in bed. I could not stand or bear any weight on my right leg. And there I was alone dead bolt locked in.
With effort and sweat I got to the front door and called 911 and was taken to the hospital by EMS.
Something in the hip the doctor said after a CAT Scan and x-rays. An IV of pain meds, and IV injection of a steroid and I was released to go back to my friends condo to sit in her Lazy Boy.
I left the door unlocked and was brought food by a friend and grandsons who still live in Louisville.
On Friday, My friend Karoda drove me to the airport. With a pain pill every 2-3 hours I was able with the aid of a cane to get myself from her car to a wheelchair.From the wheelchair to the plane seat.
My son, my grand-daughter, Mel, my Daughter-n-law, met me in Baltimore and from there we all went to Raleigh, NC. By late on Friday the pain was bearable, but I was still eating the pain meds and sleeping sitting in a chair.


You know despite loving my camera I find it hard to stop interacting with my students and my surrounds long enough to take pictures so until I get better at finding a way to this picture taking thing into my life cycle you will have to put up with more words than images.

However, this is two of my students efforts with dye painting. Emma using an enlarge image of a ginkgo leaf is trying her hand for the first time dye painting. Pat sitting on the floor is very good at painting on silk with Dye-na-flo but was trying her hand at thickened dyes for the first time (I think).

While in Louisville I discovered two new things, One a restaurant "Sharaz" which offered a wonderful variety of Persian dishes on their menu. I ate three meals (lunch, dinner and dinner) in two day prepared by the cooks there in three of the four locations they have. And I was introduced to a new locally owned art supply store. I purchased several compressed tubs of a highly pigments pastel chalk. When I try them out I'll let you know what I think of them.

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