Sunday, June 28, 2009

It was really hot

outside on Saturday, but five ladies were in attendance at the Dye Workshop I taught here in Columbia that was organized by Catherine. She's the one who's hands you see zip locking her dye bag. On average they dyes about 8 yards each.
My daughter Lyn once again came through with a healthy lunch of chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with wedges of cantaloupe, Low fat chips and croissants and a choice of either a lemon or orange flavored cup cake for those who can indulge in both sugar and flour. Of course I passed on these but enjoyed the fresh brewed tea she had for us.
After the class I went to a park were Lyn was helping out at a picnic organized to boost awareness and support for National Health care Reform. She has turned into a really enthusiastic political activist. I'm very proud of her. She has worked with organizations in the community to help those in need (weatherizing homes, feeding the hungry,etc) and is quietly adding to and making a differs here in Columbia. Even though she has been out of work for over a year now, she has not sat on her butt and felt sorry for herself. And now, things are looking up on the job front for her.
She is flying to Virginia on Tuesday morning for an interview.
For the next three day will be gathering and packing all the stuff I need for my seven days of teaching in Louisville and my travels from there to Fayetteville, NC to see my sister-n-law and for a meeting of the Yeager clan, which is shrinking in numbers. Them on from there to spend some time in the sweltering heat that I know will be waiting for me in Orlando. Thankfully my youngest daughter Rene' lives in an air-conditioned apartment. I am taking my youngest grand daughter Olivia along with me so I will get to be grand ma for at least two weeks before I return to Louisville to drop her off home. I should be back in Columbia near the end of July.
I won't be home long before I will be flying off to Rhode Island on August 4th to crash at my son Myke and his wife Mel's house while I take a five day class with Kerr Grabowski at Pro Chemical in Fall River, MA. For those not familiar with New England, believe the daily drive from Providence/Cranston, RI to Fall River,MA is not much of a commute. I've done it before and I could barely get a cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts drank in the time it took.

I will blog next from Louisville unless something really exciting happens in my quilt making world in the next three days.

I have several dye and fabric kits left from the dye class. Visit my Quilt stash and stuff blog and if purchased I will get them out by Priority Mail before I leave,

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Karoda said...

A rolling stone gathers...(well you know the rest) :) Have loads of fun, can't wait to see ya, and stay safe :)