Thursday, June 04, 2009

I knew it was going to happen

it always does when I find a good book or an author with a style and characters I like. When that happens I am lost to the world for all intent and purpose for I am deaf, dumb and blind to all that is happening around me.
So it has been since I opened the first book written by Lisa Scottoline. I am now into the fifth book so don't look for me to blog very much for a while,
Quilting will have to wait.
I am stopping long enough to finish a project I committed myself too about three weeks ago. All I have left to do is copy the data to a CD and get my samples in the mail. This I am planning to do tomorrow.
My health eating and exercise will NOT be put on hold. As a matter of fact I am getting up an hour earlier and getting to the gym to walk on the treadmill. I did not return to the "Silver Sneakers" group, they meet to late in the morning for me. But I will look into adding some weight training to my program, after I am done reading these books I have waiting for me.
I have officially lost 51 pounds and I wish I had taken my waist, bust, hip and tummy budge measurements before I started but I didn't. Although the weight loss slowed once I started walking, this I am attributing to muscle gain moreso than just fat loss. I have noticed that my cloth size is dropping faster than my weight loss can take credit for. I know this because the jeans I had that were comfortable are now too big and the ones that fit are now loose. And I had to buy smaller bras. This is a good sign. Speaking of measurable progress.
Today I felt like a kid who finally had enough courage to take the training wheels off his two wheeler. For all of the time I have been walking I have kept at least one hand on the rail of the treadmill, just in case I tripped or lost my balance. Today I let go ,bent my arms at the elbows. with arms moving in sync with my feet I felt like someone who knew what they were doing. I did this for the entire 3 miles and was able to walk the distance with an incline of 3 degrees for 20 minutes 2 degrees for 20 minutes and 1 degree for 20 ,minutes. No more flat walking for me. You know it is hard to grin and raise your arms in the air triumphantly when your are huffing and puffing and concentrating on making the next step.
When once I didn't care much for sweating. What southern lady would? Now I am fairly dripping when I am done and that's a good thing. So far as long as it takes me to get my old bones home and into the shower, I feel like dare I say, a jock.
So I will keep up my daily trips to the gym and then home to read. I will be back with you all in a week when I have finished reading this book and the next four. It's a good thing the three following books in the series are on CDs . Maybe I will be able to do something guilty while I listen. Possibly something like quilt the two tops that are waiting or I could do some screen printing or, or, or.. But then too, since I will be teaching next month, I guess I should spend some time getting class samples, and handouts done.


Anonymous said...

I've been stopping by your blog for some time now because I am in absolute awe of your quilts. Or rather, I am in awe of how your mind

Big congrats on the weight loss. I read in one of your post that you were about to begin the 'journey', unfortunately, I have no idea exactly when you started. Please remind us. Fifty-one lbs is a massive achievement.
I am sure at times it seemed like it is taking forever for you but I can assure you, from where I am sitting, it seems a very fast process. Keep at it, I am cheering you on wholeheartedly.

I am hoping that following your blog that I will again find the motivation to lose the hundred pounds that I have to lose....yes you read correctly. What is your caloric intake?
I am trying to burn 500 calories per day working out but I am not dieting as such.......I eat a vegetarian diet though.

Loved your last quilt. I called family to the computer to check it out. I was in such awe at your fm stitching.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Juanita,
Congratulations! I just bought a treadmill and will start walking as soon as it's delivered. I think I'll get books for my Ipod. Since you like series you've probably read this one but if not, it's soooooo good. I can't put my book down when I'm reading these.
It's the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. Gabriel is an agent for the Israelis and he travels around the intruiging! Another is the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. I love them both! I'm still just amazed by the last quilt...I keep coming back to look at it!!!!