Sunday, June 21, 2009


won't move a mountain, but one shovel full of dirt and rock at a time will.

I got out of bed this morning thinking that I really needed to cleared away all of the residual stuff left from the garage sale that had taken up residence on my side of the garage; but mainly I needed to clear away the stuff that had found its way on top of my print table. That more so than just the clutter in general was interfering with my creative though processes .
I was thinking this way because telling myself that if I got it done I could do something creative maybe today or at least on a few days this week.

Art is its own reward, but the promise of time and space to make it is mine.

I got up this morning with the intention of making some progress toward that goal and now it is done. But being out there in the garage was miserable. I am as wet as I would be if I had done my morning walk at the gym. I don't think ...... I know there will be nothing creative happening in the garage today.

Therefore, I think my next project is to finish clearing my stash closet of fabrics I no longer want. That shouldn't take very long if I stay with it . But NO ... I have decided to go see "The Proposal" My daughter Lyn who saw it yesterday thought it was worth seeing. And as she said, "We could use a little light comedy in our lives."

I will not linger on the point that I am a little sad today with only one of the reasons being that there are no DADS in our immediate family to celebrate the day with. That said, I think a little comedy might just do me some good.

I think the first showing is at 11:00 at Forum 8, but I think making the 1:20 at Hollywood is more doable. Since I will be out I think I'll treat myself to lunch at Panera Bread, get a "two for"; a cup of black bean soup and a Greek salad with grilled chicken added, either before or after, depending on how much progress I make in the closet. Then when I come back I'll continue with the task of clearing the closet, and maybe, I think I should start cutting lengths of PFD fabric for the dye workshop I am doing this coming Saturday.

The first day of Summer in Central Missouri feels like SUMMER, hot & humid with thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon. Here is a look at what is blooming in my back garden. And to think I was wondering when it was going to get warm enough to work in the garage. HAH!!!!

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Karoda said...

I love the quote in italics. If you get a chance to see the musical Menopause (stage), make sure you do...its guranteed to make you laugh out loud!