Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was so looking forward to a warm day

and today I and Central Florida was rewarded with a really great one.  Low 70's and sunshine.  My last blog  post was  of ice in the fountain.  Thankfully no more day like that even though we have had some very chilly nights and days since then.  But for those of you still in the cold or still under snow, I hope I'm not making you sad when I tell you I ran around today without socks and in a short sleeve tee.
It's been a while since I've gone to a movie.  Nothing of interest in a couple of weeks.  But we decided to give the King's Speech a go today.  While there were no "A" list actors in the credits  I must say for anyone looking for a really good movie, this is a go see.  Let me say, too at this juncture I am not much of a history buff and definitely no fan of the English Royal family but this film about how King George the 6th came to be on the throne was both informative, funny and simply a great way to spend some money and time this morning.
Rene' is back hunting for houses/condo's and we went to see a few from the outside to scope out the neighborhood before she called the realtor to set appointments.  We ruled out several and ruled in several which we plan to see on the inside tomorrow and  narrowed down the choices to the Altamonte Springs area so she will still be close to me.
To top off the day after a trip to the post office so I could meet the post by date for AQS Paducah we did lunch at Dexter's a restaurant in Lake Mary. 
Since the sun was shining we wanted to sit outside but  there two men puffing on cigars, YUK!!!!  Might have been a great way from them to finish their meal, but what an intrusion on the other diners seated in the side walk dining area.  Have to say they do a great chicken salad with dried cranberries and walnuts, yum.  We seated ourselves inside at a  sunny window.  Not quite but almost as good as being outside. 
What's next on my agenda.... getting my IQA Spring show entry ready.  Putting a facing and sleeves on one quilt and finishing up a PowerPoint presentation I will be giving to a guild in Tampa next month along with a trunk show.  Oh and helping the LQG on quilt take in day in preparation for their upcoming two day quilt show in Orlando.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well yes it is COLD here too

Brrrrr. Looking down in the garden this morning as I stood on the balcony tssk tssking and looking with sadness at the plants on my balcony I noticed that the fountain water had turned to ice. The temperatures have dropped into the mid 30's for several nights in a row but I think last night just might have put an end to the lavender and inpatients that colored my balcony so cheerfully. So I am thinking that is they do not survive, I just might get with the program and get some evergreens and decorate for "Christmas" with ribbons and white lights... humm, instead of trying to keep spring and summer around in my little part of the world forever.
As cold as it is there are still some good things I can say for this unpresidented cold spell. They are; the sun is shining and the building were I live is so well insulated that I have yet to turn on the furnace so I am staying warm without having to pay the cost to do so. The long lounging pants I brought to stay warm while in new England a month or so ago have come in handy as well as several long sleeve denim shirts I layer over my t-shirts. The denim shirts are not new, I brought them here with me. They have been washed so often that they are just plan comfortably and comforting. I've held onto them for many years (left-overs from my KY and MO days).
I am still quilting on the piece I plan to submit to Paducah, but for the last two days I have been going through my usual mid way to done, "not sure if I still like it" phase but I am listening to books on CD, trying hard to ignore the doubting voice in my head and persevering.
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I am hosting 5 days of workshop at the Ramada Inn 150 Douglas Avenue, Altamonte Springs, Florida...  Focus on Flowers...Feb. 14-18, 2011

Whole cloth painted with thicken procion dyes
Examples of pieced backgrounds with machine applique'
Above samples of pieced quilts using circles as motif.
Be your own Valentine and treat yourself to 5 days quilt making exploration in the company of other quilt makers; the best people on earth and learn how I make youe own quilt.
I  planned this event with so there would be something everyone.
 Piercers, appliquers and painters.
For complete details, go to
and clink on Art-With-Cloth and be directed to the workshop site.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

This year I was ready

for the Light Up the Holidays Festival at the lake behind the building where I live. Last year the fireworks, which I love, caught me by surprise and had me wondering for a time what was going on when I kept hearing the booms that come with fireworks and not being able to see where the sound was coming from. When I ventured out to the lake at 5:30 PM  last Saturday the temperatures were in the mid 60's with a breeze and children and parents were everywhere. The north side of the lake was set up for children with train rides, face painting and people creating animals with balloons. At the amphitheater on the south side of the lake children's groups were performing short skits and singing and scores of vendors lined the adjacent street. 

The performances weren't anything to write home about but as once a parent of little people I know each and every child there singing their heart out had someone who sat through it all smiling and proud.
Shortly after 6:30 when dark had fallen, the fireworks began and the lights on the tree and all the lighted figures came on perfectly on cue as the first firework exploded from the two platforms anchored in the middle of the lake .
I was standing on the bridge at the west side of the lake and had a wonderful view of the fireworks and all the lights including the 60 foot tree.
It was a nice way to spend about two hours.
By the time I was ready to call it quites for day the temperature had dropped into the 50's and I was wishing that there was someone  at my house waiting with a cup of hot chocolate in hand for me.
Next year I'll try to remember to have a cup waiting to be zapped in the microwave.
Tonight I am going to the local quilt guild's holiday meeting. 
I hope your Season of Peace and Joy is getting off to a good start as well.

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Here's what's happening with me this week

I finished painting the quilt I plan to enter in the AQS Paducah show.  It is the largest painted piece I have done so far and measures presently 57" wide by 78" long.  Mind you it will shrink several inches in the quilting and I will lose maybe an additional inch or two when it is squared and faced.
I am listening to books on CD while quilting since I do not have a clear view of the television from where I sit quilting.  Must admit, an interesting book makes the time fly and I have to remind myself to get up and stretch from time to time.
I was intrigued by the scarves Melody Johnson has been knitting and started one too, but it will be sent North to my Mom when I am done since I have no need of one here.
It's been a little nippy here the last few days, but the sun is shining and that for me is a great thing.
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