Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was so looking forward to a warm day

and today I and Central Florida was rewarded with a really great one.  Low 70's and sunshine.  My last blog  post was  of ice in the fountain.  Thankfully no more day like that even though we have had some very chilly nights and days since then.  But for those of you still in the cold or still under snow, I hope I'm not making you sad when I tell you I ran around today without socks and in a short sleeve tee.
It's been a while since I've gone to a movie.  Nothing of interest in a couple of weeks.  But we decided to give the King's Speech a go today.  While there were no "A" list actors in the credits  I must say for anyone looking for a really good movie, this is a go see.  Let me say, too at this juncture I am not much of a history buff and definitely no fan of the English Royal family but this film about how King George the 6th came to be on the throne was both informative, funny and simply a great way to spend some money and time this morning.
Rene' is back hunting for houses/condo's and we went to see a few from the outside to scope out the neighborhood before she called the realtor to set appointments.  We ruled out several and ruled in several which we plan to see on the inside tomorrow and  narrowed down the choices to the Altamonte Springs area so she will still be close to me.
To top off the day after a trip to the post office so I could meet the post by date for AQS Paducah we did lunch at Dexter's a restaurant in Lake Mary. 
Since the sun was shining we wanted to sit outside but  there two men puffing on cigars, YUK!!!!  Might have been a great way from them to finish their meal, but what an intrusion on the other diners seated in the side walk dining area.  Have to say they do a great chicken salad with dried cranberries and walnuts, yum.  We seated ourselves inside at a  sunny window.  Not quite but almost as good as being outside. 
What's next on my agenda.... getting my IQA Spring show entry ready.  Putting a facing and sleeves on one quilt and finishing up a PowerPoint presentation I will be giving to a guild in Tampa next month along with a trunk show.  Oh and helping the LQG on quilt take in day in preparation for their upcoming two day quilt show in Orlando.


Kit Lang said...

Colin Firth isn't an "a" list actor? (Acadamy award nomination just last year?, SAG, Golden Globe and Oscar chatter this year!) I don't know who is, if he isn't!

I'd say Helena Bonham Carter is as well with her Oscar, SAG and Goldebn Globe nods over the years, and I believe Geoffrey Rush has several nomination to his name as well. These three are definitely A list actors! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, although the poster is rather silly. :)

Further on topic, I'm looking forward to seeing your IQA entry! :)

Kit Lang said...

I just came back to see if you replied to me, and I see you removed my comment.

You removed my comment because I disagreed with you?


Juanita Yeager said...

Hi Kit
I did not delete your comment.I hadn't gotten around to asking Goggle to publish it. I love give and take and differing opinions. I guess I should say that the faces were not of actors who "I" think of as "A" list like Ben Aflex(sp) or Denzel. Most of the faces in the cast were familiar to me (like the wife of George the sixth) but while I love movies and go often I am not a movie buff meaning I never look at the Oscars or Golden Globe Awards or read fam magazines. Do see the movie as I said it was good.

quiltingnana said...

thanks for the movie envy you in the FL weather. If our plans had not fallen through, we would be in FL today...back to the condo search again later this month....Happy New Year