Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ending the year in a sew sew mood

Once again, a little Christmas spirit arrived in the mail.  I am always cheered  when I open the envelope containing an ornament from  Kathy Loomis.  This year it was no different.   I am always in awe of her creativity.  Every year she comes up with something really neat.  I am glad she described how she made the one she sent this year because I was studying it to see if I could figure out what she use and how she constructed it. 

I no longer go through the motions of decorating for the season. My Christmas cactus is in full bloom and I brought three small  pots of Red Poinsettias that I grouped together on the table behind the love seat.  That was it. 

With no little people around who are waiting for Santa it just isn't the same.  But the ornaments are not just a things for a season.  Rather they have  a permanent place in my art space and decorate my places all year.  This one will hang from one of the thread guilds on my Janome.  Last year's hangs from a similar guide on the HQ16. 

Wishing everyone a joyful and creative New Year

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Piecing: a new path

It's not that I have forgotten how to piece, it just that it's been so long since piecing was how I created so a few days of practice was what I did.
I practiced piecing curves and making intersections meet and achieving accurate 1/4 seam allowances and a few other techniques.  I've had to relearn my sewing machine too.  For some time all the Janome  was  used for was sewing on facings and making sleeves.

As I was designing and thinking of colors and fabrics for the  compositions, I realized that not many of the pieces of fabric I had in the house matched what I was seeing I'm in my head.    I picked these out because that sort of fit.

And there I was thinking the last time I posted that I would work with what I had on hand.  HAH!!!   Truth was, the fabrics I had on hand was purchased mainly to be used as backs for the work I painted.

So off I went yesterday to buy fabric that works with my vision.  All I brought was Kona solids. 
 I had to raise a table to cutting height for comfort. 
Had one 1 yard bold of Kona PFD in the house so I spent some time in the garage dyeing some colors to go with the Kona colors I purchased yesterday.  I am also waiting from some I ordered online to arrive as well.  Looks like I am back to building a fabric stash again.

I roll out of bed now, ready to go to the studio instead of to the treadmill first thing.

Don't fear, I am still walking religiously.  Just doing it either before lunch or at the end of the day an hour after supper.

Will let you see what's on the design wall when it is more than a vision in my head.