Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ending the year in a sew sew mood

Once again, a little Christmas spirit arrived in the mail.  I am always cheered  when I open the envelope containing an ornament from  Kathy Loomis.  This year it was no different.   I am always in awe of her creativity.  Every year she comes up with something really neat.  I am glad she described how she made the one she sent this year because I was studying it to see if I could figure out what she use and how she constructed it. 

I no longer go through the motions of decorating for the season. My Christmas cactus is in full bloom and I brought three small  pots of Red Poinsettias that I grouped together on the table behind the love seat.  That was it. 

With no little people around who are waiting for Santa it just isn't the same.  But the ornaments are not just a things for a season.  Rather they have  a permanent place in my art space and decorate my places all year.  This one will hang from one of the thread guilds on my Janome.  Last year's hangs from a similar guide on the HQ16. 

Wishing everyone a joyful and creative New Year

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