Sunday, April 20, 2008

I wear many hats

and sometimes they are all on my head at the same time. Which can not only give you a headache but a pain in the neck as well and a sense of (I was going to say panic) but that is not the case. I guess the press of time is more accurate.
You know that thing called a DEADLINE
Well I have several of those in my life, and they are crowding me.
That's my excuse for not blogging of late and I am sticking to it.
First. Sometime last year I put out a call for entry for two exhibits, I am curating and for a time I thought I would get no interest. The first exhibits opens June 2 in Henderson, KY and the second follows in August in Frankfort, KY two weeks after the close of the first one. Finally after calling on the mercy of a few friends and fellow artist who I knew did good work, I was able to get some bites. So last week I spent time going throught the selections. Making my selections and yesterday went into town to the Post Office. I was happy to get that chore done;sending out acceptantce notices as well as rejection notices. I hate the rejection part. I've had a few of them in my day.
Secondly, it is my turn to teach something for the local art-quilt critique group we have named ourself Artrageous hmm. So I am working up material for that only to find out that at least 60% of the group will not be in attendance. Hmmm
As a comment, aren't you tired of the political stuff on T.V. are is it just me. I have decided that mine is staying off for the next two weeks. I'll read the headline news that pops up on my home page when I turn on the computer in the mornings. Maybe I can defuzz my brain and get back to some serious work.
I've made two pieces for the river series but I am not happy with them, Maybe I am being too critical since water is not my idea of inspiration. An ideas thathave popped into my head require techniques that I don't want to do. Like strip piecing or raw edge spplique. I know I have limited myself but the other side of the coin is what will I do with this stuff at the end of the exhibit especially when it is not anything I want to live with.
I will stop now and go to the studio or maybe to my space in the garage to screen print, hmmm.

Monday, April 07, 2008

A letter to a friend

who shall remain un-named.
But I thought I would share it with you (some editing has been done) and maybe pass along this desire I have for Spring to spring in full bloom and tempt me with the promise of summer and sunshine to come. Which I dare say this friend has had a large part in creating. Especially in light of the freaky hail storm we had the first of last week.

This was in buds last week and this is how it looks today blooming outside my bedroom window.
Wonderful isn't it?

Dear ------
Subject: Your blog.
While I loved reading about your quilting adventures and loved seeing what you had created and wished on more than a few occasions that my brain worked in a similar fashion but alas I knew it would not. Now. I fear, your blog since it has taken a new path is far more deadly to my green thumb than it ever was to my creativity.
Everyday after reading your entries I am torn between speeding off to the nursery to see what I can buy and plant or just go to the studio as I know I should at least until I get all the pieces I need for two show by June completed.
Last time I blogged I was stumped and had no idea of what to work on. So taking the suggestion of others who coach creativity, I revisited a past series I had done that dealth with seasons. (as in Spring, Summer.... etc. I was trying to make this one speak to water, or a river. HUMMMM! I don't know if I succeeded. .

At any rate, back to the letter
Today (Saturday) I gave in to the temptation of the nursery and plants and now my back is hurting and my face is red from being in the sun for hours... .
So now, I am taking to my bed with a bowl of ice cream covered with sliced strawberries and the newest Quilting Arts Magazine as soon as I take a quick shower and down a pain pill.
I must report that I
I reseeded the bare places in the back 1/2 acre of lawn, that required a 50 pound bag of seed. I swear I must be the deer grazing ground, almost every bare spot had deer dropping about it.
I planted 8 quart size pots of daisies

and sowed four o;clocks seeds, I remember four o;clocks from my childhood, along with sweet pea vines if only I had a trellis to grow them.
No, let me stop this thought right here. I will not go out and buy a trellis today. I will not go out and buy a trellis today. I will not. not... not.

Then I planted 6 Stella Dora's lilies

and 12 stargazer lily bulbs. The bulb smelled wonderful and I can imagine what the blooms will smell like once they appear.
I'm pooped.
Please in the future can you refrain from making your little piece of heaven so tempting.


I still have 9 plants to put in the ground. But I am watching the path of the sun because they are for part shade or morning sun only. I'm hoping I will have somethings with a little color to keep the Hosta's I planted last summer company.

Today I am reporting that the body is better and I am off to work in the studio. Hopefully in a day or two I can show you my next piece of work for those who follow my blog to see what I am about in the studio as opposed to the garden. But again, I love all of you who come just to see what I am about no matter what.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No moaning and groaning allowed

at least that is what I told myself I would not do in my blog entries. After all what do I really have to complain about. I woke up this morning, didn't I.
But I want to complain none-the-less because I didn't wake with an idea, good, bad or just so so that would spur me on toward getting to work.
I need 3-4 pieces for an exhibit that I am in with my five friends and fellow artist that are the "River City Fiber Artist" group". The title of our exhibit that opens in June at the Water Tower Gallery is "The River's Edge" as in the Ohio River, the one the city of Louisville was founded on at the falls there.
It has been really hard for me to come up with an idea I want to pursue. The word water, and the images I have of it does not speak to me, nor does the word river, are floods or rapids or ripples or reflections or boats or bridges or barges or paddle wheels or, or, or, or,. AGHHHHH!
I spent the better part of yesterday at the Library, browsing through the art section and looking at book on plants and ferns and rivers without a glimmer.
I spent part of Saturday and some time on Sunday in two of the three local quilt shop looking at fabric hoping to be inspired by a pattern or the colors or a theme. Although I couldn't resist buying some yardage, I still do not have a plan.
On Friday, I made my way slowly through Barnes and Noble in hope of finding something that clicked in one or more of the magazine I picked up,leafed through and put back.
No luck.
All I did was buy the latest J. D. Robb in hardcover and preceded to read it from page one to finish in one continuous reading session.
I'm going to have some lunch now and take a walk to the end of the cul-de-sac and back.
I'm every hopeful that something will come to me.