Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's my birthday, yea.. yea

It has been a good one so far if I leave out the doctor's visit this afternoon to be seen for a scratch sore throat and cough that was getting on my last nerve and I am sure,  on the nerves of everyone within ear shot of me for the last few days.  The cough and runny nose I am blaming on the germ-ie kids that populate flights in and out of Orlando especially the homeward leg I was on for  my trip back from Cleveland 10 days ago.
     What a wonderful and well staged quilt and doll show the African American Quilt and Doll guide presented.   The quality of the work was as good and in some cases better than what I've seen displayed in other guild shows over the last four years.  There was a good variety; from traditional to modern with examples of works created by fusing, piecing, with appliqued and mixed media on exhibit. 
     The program on the night of my trunk show included a wearable/ethnic quilted fashion show.  And then there were vendors, not just your usual quilt shop types, but tables filled with jewelry and clothing and home decorations and beauty supplies.  And yes I made more than a few purchases.  So much that I had my fabric selections shipped home.  I was not flying Southwest with the luxury of 2 bags flying free. United charges $25.00 for the first and $35.00 for the second, I didn't dare asked about a third.
     Yesterday as a early birthday of celebrating,   I was treated  to late lunch by my dear friend Marti who was down from Louisville with her husband.  They were visiting friends in a neighboring town.  Being so close I am glad she didn't pass on spending most of the day with me.  We drank coffee and we chatted and chatted and I coughed and coughed.
     I don't as a rule get excited about my Birthday and I wasn't thinking of doing so this year.  But something happened on the way to the 29th of this month.  Here-to-fore a  simply Happy Birthday acknowledgement, maybe a card would have  sufficed but not this year.
     First came a gift to myself ; the  addition of another silver bracelet.  One nearly filled with beads.
I have never been much of a dangling charms kind of
girl,  but I do very much like these Pandora beads and charms and the fact that you can add to your collection whenever is great.  If I keep finding ones I like I might have to add another bracelet.
I got flowers today too, a dozen red roses from the grandsons. 
And I got a car from my Daughter Rene'.  Love my Mini.
After many successful quilt show and sales during my teaching engagements  my quilt inventory is depleted so it will be back to work tomorrow; working  toward replenishing it.  I have nothing on my calendar until the 17th of November when I will be speaking to a guild in Ormond Beach and taking along whatever quilts I have in the house.
I will let you see what I am working on in a few days, until then.  It's my birthday yea...yea!

Monday, October 13, 2014

I don't watch this program

but for some reason,  I am not sure why,  the words, "Orange is the new black" kept running through my head as I was trying to think up how I would begin this post.  But I must admit that adding the black, well in reality I added  some black acrylic paint  with a little blue mixed in, to paint the anthers, or centers of  the poppies, makes a big difference
    Facing and sleeves still need to be done and I will more likely than not  get around to doing that today when I get back from my trip to the art supply store. 
     I need a few tubes of paint for my Cleveland teaching trip and a couple of brushes for the class. 
While out and about  I will check out what's new on the racks in the way of sweaters in my favorite clothing store (Stein Mart).  The weather forecast for Cleveland says it will be in the mid 60's as a high.  Mind you when I lived in KY and MO, mid 60's was great and not worthy of a long sleeve shirt let alone a sweater, but my body has gotten accustomed to upper 90's and mid sixties is, shall I dare say, chilly.  I need some patterns for the Cleveland class, but I think I will send John (the grandson) to the printer for me instead of me making that trip later today or tomorrow myself.   Other than those last minute things, I am ready to go.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

100 plus days

and the quilting is finally done. YEA!
     I still need to add the center stamens which I will do after it is trimmed to the finished size and the facing is attached.  I can't remember the last piece I've begun that took me this long to finish.  Because I had  to make several class samples, and a  donation piece for SAQA and a dozen other small pieces for my vendor booth, this piece kept getting pushed down on my "to do" list.
     Then too once I got back to it last week  I had to readjust my thinking and build up my stamina to wrestle this piece under the needle.  It measures approx. 44" x 36".    I've been making so many small pieces of late , 24"or less on the longest side that I  got done quickly, one day or less that  working on this piece had me in my head whining like a kid on a long car trip.  How much longer?   Is that all I got done today?  Not another bobbin refill.
      It's done, so  I am not  beating myself up about taking those 100 plus days,  mainly because I went  back over the last three months and totaled up all the smaller pieces I  painted, quilted   and sold as well as taking  note of all the traveling I did for both pleasure and teaching.
    Next week I am off to Ohio  to teach for the African American Quilt and Doll Guild  as part of their quilt show in the Warrensville Heights Civic and Senior Center, 4567 Green Road, Warrensville Heights, OH 44128.  So if you are in the area of the On Friday Oct. 17 or 18th stop by.  Not sure if there are any spaces left in my class, Painting a Silk with Soy, but if you are interested, call Sandra @ 216-752-3409 to inquire.
     Here are two small pieces I painted as demo in my vendor booth while at the Jacksonville, FL quilt show a week or so ago.  They too are quilted but need facings which I will get to this week.