Monday, October 13, 2014

I don't watch this program

but for some reason,  I am not sure why,  the words, "Orange is the new black" kept running through my head as I was trying to think up how I would begin this post.  But I must admit that adding the black, well in reality I added  some black acrylic paint  with a little blue mixed in, to paint the anthers, or centers of  the poppies, makes a big difference
    Facing and sleeves still need to be done and I will more likely than not  get around to doing that today when I get back from my trip to the art supply store. 
     I need a few tubes of paint for my Cleveland teaching trip and a couple of brushes for the class. 
While out and about  I will check out what's new on the racks in the way of sweaters in my favorite clothing store (Stein Mart).  The weather forecast for Cleveland says it will be in the mid 60's as a high.  Mind you when I lived in KY and MO, mid 60's was great and not worthy of a long sleeve shirt let alone a sweater, but my body has gotten accustomed to upper 90's and mid sixties is, shall I dare say, chilly.  I need some patterns for the Cleveland class, but I think I will send John (the grandson) to the printer for me instead of me making that trip later today or tomorrow myself.   Other than those last minute things, I am ready to go.

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