Friday, May 25, 2012

A little punch was added

this morning  and here is the full view as it looks now. 

 Close ups

I will leave it up on the design wall for a few more days just in case it wants to say it needs a little more tweaking.  From where I sit at the desk with my laptop and from where I stand at the sink in the kitchen area I get a full view of the design wall. 
I'm off to have a cup of coffee and contemplate what's for lunch. 
Have a peaceful and safe Memorial Day weekend ... remember all the  sons and daughters we have lost to wars.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The plastic over the windows went away this afternoon

and boy was I glad.  I think it will be able to return the furniture to the balcony tomorrow.  I'll know for sure  if they begin moving the scaffolding to the next section of the building that is to be painted.

Another good thing that happened today, I finished quilting this piece.

I have blocked it and trimmed it to size. I am leaving it hanging on the design wall for now to look at from time to time.  Not sure how the flowers come over on the screen but in person they needs some shadows to give them more depth... punch... the pedals more definition. But working that out is tomorrow's task along with sandwiching the piece pictured below that  I finished painting some months ago. 

Quilting and painting is always more fun than sewing on facings, sleeves and adding labels. I hope to get the quilting completed on this piece before I go away the first of the month. 
The facings, sleeves and labels on both of them will have to wait til later.  I hope some of the returning summer drama shows will be worth watching while I do the hand work otherwise I will be making a trip to the library to get a few books on CD's to listen to.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From where I sit quilting

I enjoy looking out the window.  Not that there is a whole lot of anything going on.  Cars driving through the garage don't count.  I am three floors up so the most I see is the top of the palm trees and an occasional bird flying through the garden sometimes to perch on my balcony railing and flowers blooming in the flower boxes that line the railing when I have planted flowers there.  This spring I had to forgo the flowers because I knew they would be painting the building and I did not want to live with these flower boxes inside the apartment once I was told to remove them for the duration of the painting. 
They moved the scaffolding to my section of the building on Friday so I knew they would be here this week.  Monday they power washed the building, Tuesday they covered all the window with plastic and sprayed what I think was mold retardant.  This is day three and I have been listening to them progressing down from the fifth floor painting as they descended.   This is also day three of me having to live with my out door furniture in the  bedroom and having to move some of the bedroom furniture into the living room portion of my space. That little bit of crowding hasn't bothered me as much as not being able to see out through the slider.

I didn't realize was how much I was going to miss not seeing out the window once they were covered with plastic.   
As I am blogging, they are beginning to spray paint the walls surrounding the  balcony, then from having watched them as they worked on another section of the building, they will paint the door trim, the door to the storage room and the floor.  So I am crossing my fingers that by tomorrow the plastic will be gone, the paint will be dry and on Friday a note will be on my door from management saying I can reclaim my balcony.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring time is neat it up time

both inside and out.   Here I am with a letter that needs to go in the mail but in my effort to neat up the area around my desk I have some how misplaced my book of stamps. Drat! 
Oh well, maybe when it is all askew again, the stamps will reappear.  No I am notgoing to waiting to mail the letter until that happens, I'll just buy more and get it gone.
Not just to the area on and around the desk has attention been applied.  I've been neatening up other parts of the apartment too, especially my ironing, cutting catch all put it done flat surface space.  I've made a start but decided to take a break and post to my blog.  I think that is call avoidance with the excuse that  that it really isn't all that messy  just a visual jumble mainly because I tend not to take the time to put things away when I am in the middle of  something.  Either teaching or creating.  And when I am in need of down time, house keeping is not my idea of how to spend that time.  Reading is. 
The class I was to teach in Louisville was cancelled due to lack of enrollment, but the one for Cincinnati is a go. So if I were going to Louisville to teach I would as of today be in the middle of getting kits together and making travel plans. 
But now that  I have some time I hadn't planned on  I am going to start quilting the other two pieces I  completed painting a month or so ago.
 The two day class in Cincinnati is a go so that gives me two good weeks at home without foreseeable interruptions, yeah.
Speaking of neating it up.  The trees were trimmed yesterday.  Since I live at the level of the tree tops I really have been watching the changes and growth. 
Also, the building where I live is being painted and my side "the garden" is the last to be done.   

I've often though how odd it was that while the building exterior has been so colorfully painted that the attached parking structure was left the color of concrete. Well to my surprise it is being painted a lovely yellow. I love yellow... and this blue sky.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Here I am... the First Saturday in May

watching the television and screaming for a horse running in the Kentucky Derby as if I had lots of money on its nose.  Well I didn't, but it is always fun to pick one and root for it, why else would you watch a horse race?
I love May in Louisville, the flowers blooming and the winter sky a thing of the past.  Here the flowers bloom all the time until it get too hot outside for man beast or plants.  But 5 days into May it is still really nice here and I  an noticing how fast this year is going by. 
I am back from teaching and I am all packed and eager to take a one day workshop with Valerie Goodwin tomorrow. 
I wish there had been a kit it would have saved me running from place to place trying to find stuff that doesn't reside in my creativity chest.  Stuff like fabric paints, crinoline,  silk organza,a house painters brush and oh yes, Misty fuse.
My daughter and going to the movies buddy is back and we went to see "Think like a Man" this after noon.  If you want to spend some time laughing out loud, you really should see this movie.
I will let you see what I did in class but for now I'll show you some of what my student did last Thursday.

There were 13 in the class and I know I missed someone, so if that person is reading this post, I'm sorry.  I had a good time with all of you on Thursday.