Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring time is neat it up time

both inside and out.   Here I am with a letter that needs to go in the mail but in my effort to neat up the area around my desk I have some how misplaced my book of stamps. Drat! 
Oh well, maybe when it is all askew again, the stamps will reappear.  No I am notgoing to waiting to mail the letter until that happens, I'll just buy more and get it gone.
Not just to the area on and around the desk has attention been applied.  I've been neatening up other parts of the apartment too, especially my ironing, cutting catch all put it done flat surface space.  I've made a start but decided to take a break and post to my blog.  I think that is call avoidance with the excuse that  that it really isn't all that messy  just a visual jumble mainly because I tend not to take the time to put things away when I am in the middle of  something.  Either teaching or creating.  And when I am in need of down time, house keeping is not my idea of how to spend that time.  Reading is. 
The class I was to teach in Louisville was cancelled due to lack of enrollment, but the one for Cincinnati is a go. So if I were going to Louisville to teach I would as of today be in the middle of getting kits together and making travel plans. 
But now that  I have some time I hadn't planned on  I am going to start quilting the other two pieces I  completed painting a month or so ago.
 The two day class in Cincinnati is a go so that gives me two good weeks at home without foreseeable interruptions, yeah.
Speaking of neating it up.  The trees were trimmed yesterday.  Since I live at the level of the tree tops I really have been watching the changes and growth. 
Also, the building where I live is being painted and my side "the garden" is the last to be done.   

I've often though how odd it was that while the building exterior has been so colorfully painted that the attached parking structure was left the color of concrete. Well to my surprise it is being painted a lovely yellow. I love yellow... and this blue sky.

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