Thursday, May 24, 2012

The plastic over the windows went away this afternoon

and boy was I glad.  I think it will be able to return the furniture to the balcony tomorrow.  I'll know for sure  if they begin moving the scaffolding to the next section of the building that is to be painted.

Another good thing that happened today, I finished quilting this piece.

I have blocked it and trimmed it to size. I am leaving it hanging on the design wall for now to look at from time to time.  Not sure how the flowers come over on the screen but in person they needs some shadows to give them more depth... punch... the pedals more definition. But working that out is tomorrow's task along with sandwiching the piece pictured below that  I finished painting some months ago. 

Quilting and painting is always more fun than sewing on facings, sleeves and adding labels. I hope to get the quilting completed on this piece before I go away the first of the month. 
The facings, sleeves and labels on both of them will have to wait til later.  I hope some of the returning summer drama shows will be worth watching while I do the hand work otherwise I will be making a trip to the library to get a few books on CD's to listen to.


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Carol said...

I agree with you on the depth, punch, shadow, and the finishing touches that you seem to think is needed. I have no doubt that it's going to be standing high with all the rest of your pieces.