Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From where I sit quilting

I enjoy looking out the window.  Not that there is a whole lot of anything going on.  Cars driving through the garage don't count.  I am three floors up so the most I see is the top of the palm trees and an occasional bird flying through the garden sometimes to perch on my balcony railing and flowers blooming in the flower boxes that line the railing when I have planted flowers there.  This spring I had to forgo the flowers because I knew they would be painting the building and I did not want to live with these flower boxes inside the apartment once I was told to remove them for the duration of the painting. 
They moved the scaffolding to my section of the building on Friday so I knew they would be here this week.  Monday they power washed the building, Tuesday they covered all the window with plastic and sprayed what I think was mold retardant.  This is day three and I have been listening to them progressing down from the fifth floor painting as they descended.   This is also day three of me having to live with my out door furniture in the  bedroom and having to move some of the bedroom furniture into the living room portion of my space. That little bit of crowding hasn't bothered me as much as not being able to see out through the slider.

I didn't realize was how much I was going to miss not seeing out the window once they were covered with plastic.   
As I am blogging, they are beginning to spray paint the walls surrounding the  balcony, then from having watched them as they worked on another section of the building, they will paint the door trim, the door to the storage room and the floor.  So I am crossing my fingers that by tomorrow the plastic will be gone, the paint will be dry and on Friday a note will be on my door from management saying I can reclaim my balcony.

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