Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Flowers for today

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The flowers

I had no idea how attached I had become to my computer and lost I would feel when it died. Which lead me to wondering how much technology governs our lives and how lost I feel when the things I depend on go array. What would I do without my sewing machine. What would I do without the washer and dryer, the cell-phone though I HATE HOW IT TETTERS ME TO THE WORLD at times.
I have been working on another small wall quilt, again with flowers and a larger one with tulips I put aside to finish the red/orange and yellow blooms.
Funny neither one of the two latest pieces have a name. What do you call flowers created simply because I love flowers and just simplyh for that reason alone.
I hate, the thought of calling them flowers # 1 #2 #3 etc. Any suggestions?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Getting to know you getting to learn all about you.

I don't know why that tone keeps bouncing through my head other than the fact that that is what I will be doing when I get a new computer in the next day or so. Getting a new one is by no means a decision of choice. I wish it were. Not unlike getting a new sewing machine when you keep the old one just in case you and the new one doesn't jell, you can always fall back to the OLD RELIABLE. With computers this has never happened. I've never had an old reliable. They just DIE ON ME and there I am with this new thing that I have to learn all about when I would rather be doing you know what. Computer's never die a convient death it is always when you are in the middle of something else. And it always seems to happen just when you have gotten completely familiar with it.

It was the mother-board the repair shop man diagnosed. D******!!!!! So you know I might as well buy a new one as to have it repaired. Right? Right! I went off to look at some models on the way home but gave up and went to dinner with my daughter and grand-son instead at a newly opened fish the specialty restaurant named Joey's. Can't give the place a good score because of the poor service andn the temperature of the food which was barely warm when it arrrived. The manager was apoligetic , and offered to make it right, but by that time I had lost my appetite and I chalked it up to the fact that they are new and it was really crowded. I don't plan to eat there again until after Lent and maybe by then with all the practice of serving a full house they will have gotten their act together.

I am blogging from my daughter's work-laptop today and checking my e-mail. And now that I know how to do this I am not totally cut off from the outside world at the moment, this will only last until she goes back to work on Monday. So it is computer shopping for me tomorrow. It's been so long since I set up my e-mail account that I had to rack my brain to remember what my pass word was. Still haven't figured out how to get my e-mail address book. I hope that information was down loaded onto an external hard drive by the repair shop and that I will be able to retrieve it when I get my new computer. I was too frazzled last evenig and distraught over the demise of my computer to think straight so I know some of you who got my telephone call to say if you want to contact me quick the best way is to telephone, well it still is despite me using Lyn's computer until further notice.

It was snowing again when we left the restaurant last evening. We got about 2-1/2 before it stopped this morning. I don't know what to say about this Winter here in Missouri other than it has been strange. Since January there has not been one day that the snow has completely melted in our yard before more snow falls on top of it.

But for today, the sun is shining, I am working on a new flower quilt, listening to a book on CD and I am just about to make my way to the kitchen for a hot cup tea and honey. Stay warm.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Flowers are fun

I have finished the commission I was working on and found I have been in a very good mood since I started it. The back ground gave me a little trouble because I did not want to handle in my usual fashion and was looking for something a little different, but once I worked through that it was all smooth sailing. Creating flowers make me happy and these especially so even thought they are not in my customary colors of yellow, orange and hot red.
while I was working I have been listening to two books on tape and laughing my fool head off. Strange isn't it when the more important thing(s) in your life go well (health, family, creativity) how everything else seems to follow suit.
When once I could not find a book that looked interesting enough to read to my self or have read to me. That is not longer the case. When I went off to the Library on Saturday I found more book to listen to then I was allowed to check out. (There is a 5 book on tape-CD limit) And since I have decided not to beat myself up over my love of flowers and desire to use them in my work I also found 5 books in the library that I have been leafing through before bedtime, hoping that some of the images during the night settle into my creative brain cells and come into being in the form of an idea for my next piece when I wake in the mornings.
I must tell you if you have not read or listened to "The Red Hat Club Rides Again" you must. It is a HOOT. I was laughing out loud so hard in places as I listen to the book that I was crying real tears. I must find the Red Hat Club, the first book by Haywood Smith. I hope it is on tape and was just checked out at the Library. There is NOTHING LIKE A GOOD LAUGH.
Back to the quilt that has no title at this point. All that is left is to attach "escape-hatch" backing Melody Johnson style, the sleeves and label and then I shall begin to do some dyeing that I have been putting off. For a time the reason was I didn't have any soda ash, but I located a pool supply store about 3 miles from the house and went off to buy a 50 pound bag of the stuff last week. (50 pounds was the smallest quantity I could find locally since it is not POOL SEASON. No matter soda ash does not eat so it will be easy to keep and although 50 pounds sounds like a lot; by volume it isn't that much.
I had planned to go fly to Louisville tomorrow for a quick over night er. But the weather isn't cooperating. They are forecasting snow and a lot of it starting late tonight and into tomorrow which would makem making the 110 mile drive to St. Louis risky. I love the ladies in my critique group and miss them a lot and was really looking forward to seeing them .... BUT.
Maybe the weather will be better for the March meeting. I really hope so.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A bird in the bush

Looking out my studio window while working on this piece I say a bird perched in the bush eating what was left of the berries. The sun was shining which it has done here a lot of late, but the temperatures haven't risen enough to melt the lingering layers of ice and snow we got weeks ago. While the snow cover lingers the Robin is a promise that Spring is coming.