Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The flowers

I had no idea how attached I had become to my computer and lost I would feel when it died. Which lead me to wondering how much technology governs our lives and how lost I feel when the things I depend on go array. What would I do without my sewing machine. What would I do without the washer and dryer, the cell-phone though I HATE HOW IT TETTERS ME TO THE WORLD at times.
I have been working on another small wall quilt, again with flowers and a larger one with tulips I put aside to finish the red/orange and yellow blooms.
Funny neither one of the two latest pieces have a name. What do you call flowers created simply because I love flowers and just simplyh for that reason alone.
I hate, the thought of calling them flowers # 1 #2 #3 etc. Any suggestions?

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