Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad me

I didn't take my camera, so I have no pictures to share, but last night I had a good reason to get my nails done, put on lipstick and get dress up. Bluestem, the gallery here in Columbia that carries my work was celebrating their 25th birthday.
From 7-9 PM the champagne flowed (I opted for sparkling white grape juice).I know. I know, but I never told you I was a party person, Servers were hampered from time to time as they tried weaving through the throngs with their trays of strawberries and wafers of both milk and dark chocolates embossed with Bluestems's logo signature.
Artist, past and present and patrons all crowed into the space. I chatted with several while listening to the chamber type music that was being played by a small trio tucked discretely into a corner of the second room of the three room gallery.
I had a good time, but it doesn't take much to do that for me any more.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I ve been busy

working on somethings that I can not share with ya'll (southern speak for you all) at this time. Several months ago I was invited to be part of small group of fiber/quilt artist who were to create several pieces for a traveling exhibit. We were given a time limit in which to complete the work and I along with several others decided that our individual pieces should relate as in a series and some thought it best to do them all at once so there would be colors, themes, fabrics, etc. in common. That was the path I took. Late yesterday I finished hand stitching the facing on the last of my four pieces.

As an update of my artist journey:
I am taking a 5 days class from Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan at the Crow Barn at the end of this month which I am looking forward to. Two friend from Louisville will be joining me there for the class. Being with them nearly a week has only added to my expectations of enjoying the class. There is quite a bit of pre class room time work and supply gathering involved in getting ready. So I will get back to you guys when my head is above water the next time.

Oh....I am planning to take along my lap top and camera so I will let you know what I am doing while there.

Obama/Biden 2008

I have taking my right to vote very seriously since I reached the age that I could. But I have never attended a political rally in my life until this morning. It was enlightening. Joe Biden was in Columbia Missouri today and I was one of nearly a thousand people who came out to see him in a no more standing room filled gymasium.


Obama/Biden 2008
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