Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I ve been busy

working on somethings that I can not share with ya'll (southern speak for you all) at this time. Several months ago I was invited to be part of small group of fiber/quilt artist who were to create several pieces for a traveling exhibit. We were given a time limit in which to complete the work and I along with several others decided that our individual pieces should relate as in a series and some thought it best to do them all at once so there would be colors, themes, fabrics, etc. in common. That was the path I took. Late yesterday I finished hand stitching the facing on the last of my four pieces.

As an update of my artist journey:
I am taking a 5 days class from Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan at the Crow Barn at the end of this month which I am looking forward to. Two friend from Louisville will be joining me there for the class. Being with them nearly a week has only added to my expectations of enjoying the class. There is quite a bit of pre class room time work and supply gathering involved in getting ready. So I will get back to you guys when my head is above water the next time.

Oh....I am planning to take along my lap top and camera so I will let you know what I am doing while there.

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