Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I had a wonderful out and about day in Columbia, Parts 1 and 2 of 6

started in the usual way with me walking and sweating at the gym (ARC) From there not wanting to go allllllll the way home (less than 7 miles) I decided to take myself out for breakfast. I am so used to having a choice of where I did breakfast out in Louisville that I was completely floored when I could come up with a "nice" place to eat. I am going to discount the fact that I was sweaty from my morning walk. At any rate for the life of me in all of Columbia there was only the iHOP out near the intersection of Highway 63 and Interstate 70. So that is where I took myself to eat scrambled egg substitute, several small cups of coffee, 3 slices of bacon and a fruit cup of not so good fresh fruit that was mainly grapes.
The reason I didn't want to go all the way home was because I was trying to wait for the Library to open at 9:00.
Part two begins at the library where still sweaty and damp from walking I picked up 7 book and three books on CD by Lisa Scottoline, her series which began in the mid 90's was recommended to me my Mindy Smith (one of the once a month artist that I meet with)
Since she suggested I read them in order I had to look else where for four book. Two I found on line and two I found at a second hand book store. Going to get them came later in the day.
I came home after the Library visit.

Part 3

Sortly after having a light lunch I drove into the center of the city (The District) to visit several galleries and museums that had fiber exhibits. The first place I stopped was at PS Gallery where I ran into Janet Ghio, one of the artist in my once a month group, She was there with her best friend, also a fiber artist. We were there to see the works of Jo Stealey. I was told she is a Professor at the University of Missouri. I have not met her but she does some very interesting stuff. This exhibit was a combo of fiber, paper and "Real" leaves that she had collected and preserved and encased in layers of fabric.

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From there Janet and I and her friend Rebecca Douglas walked to the end of the block and into The Boone County Bank to see the works of the Luanne Rimel.

Out and about part 4

This collage was created with images of some of works by Luanne Rimel that were on exhibit.
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Out and about part 5

From the Boone County Bank we walked across the street to Landmark Bank, took the elevator to the third floor to see this three pieces installation there. Lanny Bergner also had installations at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery on the University of Missouri Campus, but I didn't have time to get there today as all three of us were to meet some other artist around 2:30 and 3:00 PM on the other side of town, so we hurried down 9th Street and into Bluestem Missouri Arts and Crafts Gallery to see the works of Vicki Smith, Rebecca Douglas and Suza Wooldridge. Of course two pieces of mine were prominently displayed. (Oh joy...oh joy)
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From Bluestem we walked another two block to the Columbia Art League to see "SEVEN" Seven MFA MU Alumni. I'm sorry I was not impressed with the works, They were all "strange" like semi automatic guns made of cloth and stuffed like pillows and some other stuff that looked like someone was in serious need of mental help.
Leaving there we parted company, but would meet again later. They went on their way to the Boone County Historical Society Museum, the Missouri Fiber Artist Association has a juried exhibit installed there, to meet some other members of MOFA, of which I am a member but joined too late to enter the jury process for this exhibit. Maybe next time.
I went to a second hand book store that I had called earlier in the day when I was trying to locate more of Lisa Scottolines books. It was a round and about way to get to the Historical Society Museum but certainly easier travel wise to go there from were I was then to come back later.
The books were on hold at the checkout counter and I was soon on my way to my next stop on an art filled day.

Out and about part 6

At the Historical museum I met Leandra Spangler, and several others including Rosemary Claus-Gray
This is Leandra and an example of what she does.
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The other work in this in this collage besides Janet Ghio (left)belong to Karen Stiehl Osborne(top right who had come into town from Omaha, NE. and Jo Stealey (bottom right) works created with handmade paper. Even up close it look like wood and rocks.
For the next two days , Karen, Rosemary and Leandra will be playing in Leandra's studio. I invited myself to join them but only to look over their shoulder for an hour or so.
I have books to read and because I am an ARTIST there are two calls for solo show proposals that interest me and I need do the paper work and gather my images then get the info package into the mail.
Then again, there are four other sites with fiber art on exhibit in the city that I did not have time to see oday. Maybe on the way to or from Leandra's studio I can work those venues into my day tomorrow.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


That was the week that was (the name of an old TV Program) is what went through my mind as I sat down to begin blogging today and it seems like a week had past since I last posted but in reality it has only been 4 days. Why is it that some periods in your life feel like forever while other periods seem to fly by. The last four days has been the forever kind.
Since I rediscovered them seven years ago I only wear Earth(R) shoes. My lower back thanked me. Happily they come in many styles and colors that are attractive. For normal knocking about I have been wearing an Earth brand walking shoes. The kind you wear for everyday ambulating, but not necessarily athletics . The shoe has a soft sole that were acceptable to the center for use on the treadmill so I didn't worry about having to get appropriate shoes until I knew I was going to keep up the walking schedule I had set for myself.
My son called on Wednesday and Myke advised me to get a pair of New Balance and to add some weight training to my exercise regiment. I had thought of doing this but not seriously, but now I am giving weight training some more thought. I was told by one of the members of the art group that they have a weight training program for seniors at ARC called the Silver Sneakers which should be right up my alley so I'll check into the details next week.

I got new athletic shoes, but not New Balance which I tried on but didn't like the feel of. So I brought Earth Shoes designed just for aerobic exercising. I' wore then for the first time on Friday and it was a struggle to get through the three miles. My gait was altered and my hips really complained. Saturday I was back in stride. The three miles in my new shoes was a breeze, my knees love them and the hips are happy again.

It seems like forever ago that I took Lyn to catch the shuttle bus to Kansas City from where she flew to LA to spend a week with her newly widowed Aunt.

It seems like forever that I have been in the garage trying to get some really crisp results with a thermofax screen using fabric paint and several different tools to pull the paint through the screen. I haven't been very successful in my efforts until yesterday. I was not about to waste fabric with this experiment rather I went through the learning process by screen printing on news print paper. I have now reached a level of comfort with my ability that today I will move to fabric. Then again, maybe I should try a couple of prints using some poly/cotton I have around here before I use the good stuff.
I decided to face my latest piece rather than stretch it, but I still have to hand stitch the facing in place. I was planning to do the hand stitching yesterday while everyone else did fish prints, but I was running my mouth to much and didn't get as far as putting my thimble on let alone thread a needle. When that is done I will start quilting on one of the two other pieces that are folded and waiting.
Saturday was our monthly fiber art group meeting and for the first time all 12 of us were present. We met at Patti's house using her garage for our fish printing workshop. I did not participate. Fish to eat... good, fish to print, not me. But here are some images of the day.
There were so many of us in the garage with lots of stuff piled on tables and finished prints hanging on portable clothes dryers in the drive way that passers by stopped thinking we were having a garage sale. We posted several signs saying that we weren't. Too funny.

JohnChris the youngest grandson attended his senior prom on Friday. First going out to dinner with his date and friends to Macaroni Grill. He who hates to have his picture taken did stand still long enough for me to get these and several other shots of him. He promised he would allow me to do so since his Mother wouldn't be here to see him all spiffied up. The spiffy however only went as far as the bottom of his trousers. Note the black and white sneakers. Yes he had dress shoes to wear with his tux but NOOOOOO!!! Well at least the shoes matched his black and white tie.
Because I have been through prom nights before, I went to bed and slept the sleep of the unconcerned. I had no idea of when he got home. I did check his room to see if he was home when I went out to walk at the ARC on Saturday morning. All's well... he was.

Yesterday the sun was shining, it was a little humid. A real three large glasses of iced tea with lemon day. Today the sky is overcast, a little cooler, great day to be in the garage which is where I am going as soon as I hit the Publish Post button.
Have a good one.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The quilting is done

and now all I have to do is decided how much I want to crop off and decide if I will bind it or face it. My daughter Lyn who comments on occasion about what is on my design wall suggested that I attach it to stretcher bars. (make it look more like a painting) I have thought of that mainly because I haven't entered a "quilt show" in years so why not treat these painted silk works like canvas and stretch them. I order some more silk broadcoth, Did I tell you I liked the look of this piece?
I will let it hang on the wall for a few days as I sandwich and quilt the next piece waiting in line to be quilted. Maybe by the weekend I will have come to some decision.
A short trip this week might do me good so I am thinking of driving over to Kansas City for an art quilt exhibit that will open at the Jazz Museum (I think). I have to look again at the e-mail I received to be sure. The show is of work by Sonie Joi Ruffin of Kansas City, who I have not heard of before, but looked her up on the web. She has written a book and has a line of fabric marketed by Andover. Hmmmm, interesting.
Remember me speaking of the Orr Street studio and the possibility of a space be available. Well I got and e-mail today telling me that there are two spaces, one 286 square feet and the other twice a large with windows to the outside whereas the other smaller one does not have a window in the studio, you have to open your large barn like door to the hallway which has a window wall.
I will make an appointment to check them out in the next day or so and let you know what I decide. Some part of me wants to do it and the other part of me doesn't especially since Spring has finally sprung and summer is coming making working in the garage no problem especially in the morning before the sun moves to the garage door side of the house around 4 in the afternoon and it gets really hot. However if this year follows the last three summers I have been here it is really humid in Columbia in July and August.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

On the way to the mailbox

yesterday I caught a slight whiff of roses and realized the very pleasant fragrance was coming from our bush in the right front garden. I don't remember these roses having a fragrance last year. For that matter I don't remember the blooms being as large as they are this year either. Yesterday wasn't the first time I had taken note of the size of the blooms. I had commented to Lyn about the size of the them when they first appeared a week ago and I am still amazed by them. .
I can not credit my gardening skills with the success of this bush. It is strictly by luck or nature that it is looking so well. Last winter Lyn and I chopped it down mercilessly in the dead of winter before she draped lights on it for Christmas.

I am still quilting and will continue today after I get back from seeing Angels and Demons staring Tom Hanks.
Health and fitness report: I am still walking and have reached one goal I set for myself and that was to walk three miles in an hour. Yesterday it took me 60 minutes and 12 seconds to do so. Today starting into week five it took 59 minutes and 38 seconds. Yeah and I am down 48 pounds. Double yeah.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There's a world of beauty

and wonder outside my back door I discovered this afternoon while taking a break from quilting.
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What caught my eye was the larger bird and the sound of peeps. Looking closer I could see three small chick trying to make their way through the grass following the calling sound of their mother. I watched them for a while trying to take a clear photo of them from behind the glass door to keep from scaring them. But no luck. I finally went out side and captured the image you see here.
While I was wondering about the garden I discovered these mushroom growing under a bush. My hostas are doing great and these colorful "who knows I just love them." are doing well too.
The mushrooms here are not the first ones to pop up. If I knew they were edible, I could go into business and possibly have a tidy sum of money by now as I have had a bumper crop of them in both the front and back yard.
Every few days I go out, dig them up and turn the mulch over them, which probably is adding to their proliferation rather than their eradication.

Any non poisonous solutions to mushroom in the garden?

This is the piece I am quilting now. It is dye painted on silk broadcloth. As I was quilting I made another discovery today about what I like and dislike about my work and I have concluded that I do not like variegated thread and I do not like 30 weight thread. I like the look of texture in my work, but I do not want to really see the thread. Somewhere deep down I must have known this but maybe I have not said it out loud. Or said it to myself enough. Or maybe this time when I said it it finally sunk in. So as I was quilting I was thinking what was I going to do with all of the variegated thread that I have in the studio that I do not plan to use again. And what will I do with all the 30 weight thread that I have collected. That I do not plan to use again. And I was thinking I need to order some more Aurifil 50 and Mettlers 60 wt in several colors that I am out of.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday was an out and about day

that I enjoyed very much.
It began with my usual trip to ARC for my walk on the treadmill. When I got back, showered, dressed and had breakfast, Lyn asked if I wanted to go to the Orr Street Studio Artist Festival. And I did.
The festival was a combination open studios and artist seated at tables selling their wares both inside and outside of the Studio buildings.
I have wanted to check out the studio spaces there for about two years now but for various reason I hadn't gotten around to it. At one time I was contemplating getting a space there too.
I didn't count the number of artist spaces in the connected 5 one story buildings, but I would estimate at least 3 dozen or so in various sizes from adequate 10' x 10' for a painter to really large as was the one where an artist working with metal was located. The studio space also has a dance school, a hair saloon and a cafe.
I learned while talking to some of the artist that they share spaces and some were occupied by only one artist, mainly painters. No fiber artist however. The unique thing about the studios there each space had a door that was different and simply wonderful.

Forget the art on the walls of the common open spaces and the art on the walls in each of the open studios. Nothing struck a cord, but I could have taken every one of the doors I saw home with me. And I am not talking about a standard size door I am taking about doors that were at least 10 feet by 8 feet or more.
Like most festivals, there were musicians one trio in an outdoor space and a guitarist inside and what is a festival without food.
Lyn and I walked through and looked but nothing said "take me home, please to either one of us" so we didn't acquire anything. I did however have a nice conversation with a silversmith and got his business card. He had a couple of silver bangle bracelets that I might consider getting later if he would add some engraving or something to them. They were just too plain as they were.

I finished the quilting, blocking, cropping and facing on this piece today. I sandwiched and began quilting on another piece. Didn't get very far. Spent 2 hours taking out quilting that took 15 minutes to put in.

I am enjoying my Mother's day flowers that arrived yesterday afternoon. Aren't they lovely.

I ended the day by taking myself to Barnes and Nobles where I ordered an iced coffee and sat in the cafe area and perused several art books that I did not buy.

Still thinking about the doors at Orr Street Studios, maybe I'll drop by when I am in the city next to return books to the library. This time I'll remember to take my camera so I can show you pictures of some of my favorites.

This is Lyn's latest cake creation. Carrot cake, can't you tell. Since I can't do wheat and she does not like sweets, she took it to church for their after morning service "Coffee meet and greet hour."
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Friday, May 08, 2009

I would take a picture

but really --- who wants to see rain.
I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder and rain hitting the windows. During the night a little hail fell.I roused once or twice to that sound but soon nodded back off.
Even though it was still dark from the cloud cover, the clock said it was time for me to get up and go walk. There is something about a cloudy rainy day that makes me want to turn over, find a more comfortable position, pull the covers up and go back to sleep. Today was no different.
In the past I would have talked myself out of getting up. But not this morning, getting up, getting dressed and driving to the activity center won out.
Where once walking at 2.2 miles an hour was taxing, at the end of week three, walking at 3.0 miles/hours is a breeze. Today I have bumped the speed up to 3.2 and for a short burst to 3.5, so my goal of 3.5 per hour is in sight.
It is still raining, I'm still machine quilting, and knitting but I think I'll take myself off to the movies after lunch to see Star Trek and X-Men if I can plot out how to see them back to back.
As I was walking this morning I was thinking how neat it is to have a grandchild who understand Ipod and computers. Two days ago I downloaded some tunes from the I-Pod store that I wanted to listen to while I walked. I purchased only those witn an up tempo beat. Tunes by Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, The Bee Gees and others which I knew would keep me moving right along and singing the time away.
Not knowing much more about how my I-pod works beyond how to turn it on and off, and how to turn the volume up or down, I was successful in my downloading. The only thing was once I started to walk yesterday I realized some of the songs were not upbeat enough and I didn't know how to delete them and add more.
Dear John Chris came to my rescue and showed me how to select the ones I wanted from my recently purchased list then move then to a newly created play list labeled "Walking". Then he showed me how to select songs I already had in my I-Pod Library and move the selected ones to my "Walking" list" Yeah!!! So for an hour today I ROCKED, well you know, walked 2.88 miles.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On the way home from

ARC after my daily walk, I stopped at Wally World and did a little shopping. I hate shopping but I was tired of looking like one of my grandsons. The one who's pants tends to fall below his hips all the time, exposing to all the world his underwear. The grandson to whom the word belt means nothing. I didn't see him the last two times I was back in Louisville, so maybe he has changed his style. (Hope springs eternal)

At any rate I don't know how they stand it, having to pull your pants up all the time or holding them up so you don't walk on the hems of the pants legs. A real nuisance. At Wally World I tried on a two pairs of jeans. One pair three sizes smaller than what I had been wearing. That size fit. And I tried on one pair that was two sizes smaller and they were more comfortable for lounging around in. I am all about the comfort at this time in my life, but knowing I will continue on this journey of exercise and weight lose, I am hoping that the comfortable pair will soon join all rest of my jeans at the Goodwill and the ones that fit will then be moved into the comfortable category. Getting one pair of each was a good thing.

Don't think me strange, but I buy my jeans in the men's department. I have ever since I began wearing jeans as a teenager. You know in the days before they made women's jeans with zippers in front and designer names on the butt. God, I hated those side zipped ones we had to wear in the "old days". Girls jeans never fit me right. I am high waisted and have no hips. The other reason I prefer men's jeans is because I don't particularly like spending great sums of money on everyday clothes and I find that men's jeans are always cheaper then those made for women. I brought five cotton knit shirts too; a red, a green, a coral, a teal and an orange, I think. They all look the same; a little girly with cap sleeves and a v-neck.
Because of my aversion to shopping if I find something that fits and feels good, I tend to buy it in every color on the rack. This shirt also came in black, navy and white. I think because it is so comfy I'll stop tomorrow before or after the treadmill hour and buy three more in the colors I I didn't buy on Tuesday.
I am still knitting and quilting and surveying the garden. I just love this bush. I have three of them planted behind the garden bench. I had no clue they would be so colorful when I planted them last year. I will have to go scouting the local nurseries for more to plant in a couple of bare places in the back garden that would benefits from their colorfulness and fast growth.
The reason I will be scouting them out instead of just going off to buy several gallon containers is I have no clue from which nursery I brought them. You see, last summer I was at Lowe's, Home Depot, HyVee, Westlake, and or one or two other nurseries the names of which have left the old brain.

Trying to plan garage time around the weather has gotten a little frustrating so I have decided I will quilt the three other pieces I have folded up and ready to sandwich before starting something else.

Other news to report; I sold another piece. The check came in the mail yesterday. Oh joy oh joy. Generally when something sells at Bluestem, I don't know about it until the check arrives, this time, I was waiting for the check. One of my art pals told me on Saturday when we met that she had been at a neighbors house and he told her he had purchased one of my pieces. But she didn't know what the name of it was so I didn't know that until I opened the envelop. So here is a picture of what sold as it hung in my solo show last year at the Carnegie Center in Indiana.
Another pleasant surprise: Yesterday a friend from my past sent me an e-mail. We had lost contact with each other years ago soon after she took an offered transfer to another plant that the company we both work for had in another city. She found me through my website. Today we talked on the phone like we had not missed a day and we had a lot of catching up to do.

Today some quilting got done, also a little knitting. I now have clothes that fit. I reconnected with a friend. The sun came out for a spell. Lyn cooked dinner. It's been a really good day.

Monday, May 04, 2009


began as most of my days of late begin , the exception being Sundays when I only have to think about the treadmill but don't have to go to the activity and recreation center to get on one. In truth my body needs the day of rest and one day off out of seven isn't enough to break a habit.
The rains seems to have stopped for now and there was actually sun today. I should have been in the garage because the temperature was in the 70's but just when I thought I was ready to go out there to work the lawn service man came and but a stop to those plans. New mowed grass makes my eyes water so I stayed in and did some knitting instead.
As much as I am happy with myself that I am back into creating quilts again and having fun in the garage I still feel the need to pick up my knitting needles. It is rare that I find an item I want to make for myself but this sweater on the cover of the Spring issue of Knits caught my eye as soon as I took it from the mailbox. It was also helpful that I had the right weight of cotton yarn in the house and I began casting on immediately. I should be further along, but I found an error when I was nearly done with the body of the sweater and had to frog a lot of it back to were the circular needle is now. The pattern is a no brainer. and works up fast. From this point it is just a matter of continuing on now that I know where I omitted an increase row that I went back to correct.

I am thinking this sweater will be a nice cover-up to take along to the movies this summer. By the fall I am hoping it will hang on me like a sack because I plan to still be using weight.

I am quilting on this piece and I am now sailing right along. I must admit I had to familiarize myself with my sewing machine. It had been awhile since I sat in front of it, so I cleaned it, inserted a new needle because I couldn't remember when I had changed it last and I put a drop of oil in the bobbin case wick hole.
I like the way this piece turned out. It is the first time I have used thicken dyes on silk. This was created with 23mm silk broadcloth, however, before I order yardage of the stuff I want to see if I like the way it quilts up.

As you can see I am having a good time using the collage feature of Picasa 3.
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Saturday, May 02, 2009

It was a day of friends, food and fun

Karon and Sharon shared the teaching duties for the group today and I learned a thing or two. It never fails, when I am with a group of creative people I learn something. Someone always has a better way of making some technique simpler, easier and generally with a tool you do not have in your studio. Today I discovered a heat/cutting tool with a multitude of interchangeable tips that is better to use for making stencils and stamps than a Ex-acto knife or a soldering iron.

I was just waiting until the Derby race ran before I scurry off to Hobby Lobby/Joanne's or Michael's to buy one. I hope I can put my hands on a 40% off coupon.

Karon is on the left and Sharon on the right in this collage.

At each of our monthly meeting we do a show and tell of the previous months technique explorations and or anything else someone whats to share with the group. Here are some of the result of my program, dye painting and a recent project of Becky's. Of course you always have to have a star pupil and Sally Johnson took the gold star with her effort.
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Here are some more of the class samples that Sharon and Karon provided.
Lyn did the lunch for us again this meeting since everyone was impressed with her Tomato basil soup, hot turkey sandwich and carrot cake cupcakes which she did for my program last month, Today she did chicken salad rolled in dried tomato and basil whole wheat wraps, southwest corn chowder and banana pudding. For me she put my chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and I must admit I ate the chowder despite the calories and enjoyed every last bite of my portion of banana pudding minus the vanilla wafers.
I started the day with a drive to ARC and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I tried my legs on one of a half-dozen available elliptical trainers, NAH!! Not for me. I tried a stair stepper NAH!! Not for me and I tried a third machine that mimics jogging, not sure what you call it, but definitely NAH NAH!!
For now I am staying with the treadmill, after all I keep telling myself this is just the start of week three and while I would love to be at my goal weight that goal is months away. I AM DOING GREAT... 45 pounds down with more than I want to admit to for now to go.
I watched the Kentucky Derby race with no clue as to who to cheer for. Hope all of you who had a favorite picked the winner.